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Trijicon® Patents

Trijicon® Patents

Description Patent #
ACOG® 6x48 Fiber Adjustment Mechanism 7676137
ACOG® 6x48 Electronic Illumination 8009958
ACOG® 6x48 Electronic Illumination 8364002
ACOG® 6x48 Electronic Illumination 8254746
Bow Sight 8245409
Bow-Sight Mount 8448341
CCAS® 8336776
Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight 8656631
HD/Combat Sight D663375
HD/Combat Sight 8677674
HD/Combat Sight D667522
HD/Combat Sight D667523
HD/Combat Sight D667524
HD/Combat Sight D667525
HD/Combat Sight 8635800
HD/Combat Sight 8635801
Integrated Rail 6295754
Locking Turret 8490317
RMR® (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) 8215050
RMR® (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) 8082688
RMR® (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) 8099897
RMR® (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) 8443541
SRS® 8966805
TriPower® D472256
TriPower® D472569
Fused Optic 8915008
Locking Adjuster 9062934
MilSquare Reticle D745168
Relay Assembly For Optical Sight 9625235
MRO Design D774157
5-50x56 MRAD Reticle D855737
5-50x56 MOA Reticle D855738
4.5-30x56F1 MRAD Reticle D855739
4.5-30x56F1 MOA Reticle D855740
4.5-30x56F2 MRAD Reticle D855741
4.5-30x56F2 MOA Reticle D856460
1-8x28 VCOG Relay Spring 10458752
Powered Mount for Firearm   10782101

Leupold® and Stevens, Inc. Patents Licensed by Trijicon® 

Description                                                         Patent #
300BLK Reticle D709588
300BLK Reticle 9038307
300BLK Reticle D753785
300 BLK Reticle 9435610

BAE® Patents Licensed by Trijicon®

Description      Patent #
Uni-directional beam splitter coating      US8270086
Uni-directional beam splitter coating      US8576488 
Active display based targeting and weapon
sighting system
Non-linear calibration of a microbolometer included
in an infrared imaging system
Smart phone like gesture interface for weapon
mounted systems
Common aperture vision system      US7283307
Dual mode display resolution thermal imager      US8564668
Eyepiece for head mounted display system and
method of fabrication    
 Coating for security light      US20150377587A1

Mark A. Deros Patents Licensed by Trijicon®

Description                               Patent #
Mount adapter device utilizing a push system US8276307

Zev Technologies® Patents Licensed by Trijicon®

Description                Patent #
Firearm with Interchangeable Calibers and/or Improved Sights     RE47335

Trijicon® PST Holdings LLC, dba WindPro Technologies Patents

Description         Patent #
High Power LDV with Multiple Amplification Stages             8879051
Laser Doppler Velocimeter 8508722
Laser Wind Velocimeter with Multiple Radiation Sources 8508723
LDV System for Improving the Aim of a Shooter 8961181
Multi-Function Optic System and Assembly 7505119

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