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NSN List

Trijicon National Stock Number (NSN) List

A list of National Stock Numbers (NSN) for applicable Trijicon products is available for reference.

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Model Material Number Product Description NSN NSN Description Product
  VC16-C-1600002 1600002 VCOG 1-6x; Red HS DOT 55gr; AC12040 1240016580517 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
  VC16-C-1600004 1600004 VCOG 1-6x; Red SEG CIR 175gr; AC12040 1240016446260 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
  VC16-C-1600005 1600005 VCOG 1-6x; Red HS DOT 175gr; AC12040 1240016610864 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
  VC16-C-1600017 1600017 VCOG 1-6x; Red HS DOT 77gr; AC12040 - NS 1240016580517 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
  VC16-C-1600018 1600018 VCOG 1-6x; Red SG CIR 175gr;AC12040 - NS 1240016427803 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
x VC16-D-USN 1600070 VCOG 1-6x; Red USN Seg Cir; TA51 - BP NS 1240016726947 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
x VC18-C-SCO 2400007 1-8x VCOG;R MRAD Tree SCO;LR SCO Mt - NS 1240016876809 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL VCOG
  BP-HRG2015-1 BP-HRG2015-1 ACOG Adjuster O-ring, 4x32 & 3.5x35 5331015282147 O-RING Spare Part
  BP-HRG3173-1 BP-HRG3173-1 Battery Cap O-Ring (.634 x .059) 5331016428811 O-RING Spare Part
  BP-MRD3157-1 BP-MRD3157-1 Low Picatinny Rail Mount for RMR 1005016428798 MOUNT, SIGHT, SMALL ARMS RMR Mount
x RM01 700617 3.25 Red RMR Type 2 - NS 1240015814106 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM01-33 700067 3.25 MOA Red Dot w/RM33 Mt - NS


  RM02 700620 6.5 Red RMR Type 2 - NS 1240016088384 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM03 RM03-C-700077 13.0 MOA Amber Dot - NS 1240016226065 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM05 RM04-C-700087 7.0 MOA Amber Dot - NS 1240015906883 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
x RM05 700084 9.0 MOA Amber Dot - NS 1240015816621 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM05-34 700031 9.0 MOA Amber Dot w/RM34 Mt 1005016073647 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM05-35 700099 9.0 MOA Amber Dot w/RM35 Mt - NS 1240015816250 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM05-53 700080 9.0 MOA Amber Dot w/RM53 Mt - NS 1240015846306 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM06-35 700086 3.25 MOA Adj Red Dot w/RM35 Mt - NS 1240016222776 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR


3.25 MOA Adj Red Dot w/RM33 Mt - NS 1240016428801 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM06-C-700216 RM06-C-700216 3.25 MOA Adj Red Dot - CK FDE 1240016562683 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
x RM06-C-700688 700688 3.25 Adj Red RMR Type 2 - NS 1240016674653 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM06-C-700696 RM06-C-700696 3.25 Adj Red RMR Type 2 - CK FDE 1240016719274 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
x RM06-HRS 700773 3.25 Aj R RMR Type 2 HRS;MOS-Cy Br BP NS 1240016785336 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
  RM07 700093 6.5 MOA Red Dot - NS 1240016302213 SIGHT, REFLEX RMR
x MGRS-D-2300005 2300005

MGRS Red SegCir; M2/M240; Mag

1240016687544 SIGHT, REFLEX Reflex
x MGRS-D-CSWO 2300010 MGRS Red SegCir CSWO; M2/M240 - NS 5855016977555 SIGHT, REFLEX Reflex
x MGRS-D-MMO 2300009 MGRS Red SegCir MMO; M2; MMO Mag - NS 1240016957167 SIGHT, REFLEX Reflex


MRO 2.0 MOA Adj Red Dot 1240016579266 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL Reflex
  MRO-C-2200005 2200005 MRO 2.0 MOA Adj Red Dot; AC32068 1240016600197 SIGHT, BORE, OPTICAL Reflex
  MRO-C-2200019 2200019 MRO Patrol 2.0 MOA Adj Red Dot; AC32070


  RM33 AC32004 Low Profile M1913 RMR/SRO Mt 1005015818858 MOUNT,SIGHT,SMALL ARMS Mount
  RM34 AC32005 M1913 Colt Knob RMR/SRO Mt - AbsCW 1240015838013 MOUNT,SIGHT Mount
  RM34W AC32006 Weaver Colt Knob RMR/SRO Mt 1240016722336 MOUNT,SIGHT Mount
  RM35 AC32007 RMR Mount for TA01NSN ACOG 1005015816643 BASE,REAR SIGHT Mount
  RM43 AC32011 RMR/SRO Adptr Plate for RedDot MS17-MS32 1240016005826 TELESCOPE SUBASSEMBLY Mount
  TA03 AC12009 ACOG H&K adapter 5342014690499 ADAPTER,RESILIENT MOUNT Mount
  TA12 AC12010 ARMS Throw Lever adapter for Picatinny 1240016068642 MOUNT SUBASSEMBLY Mount
  TA22 AC12012 ARMS #19 LD ACOG Throw Lever Mount 1240016088387 MOUNT,SIGHT Mount
  TA51 AC12001 ACOG Flattop Mount for MIL STD Rails 1005015277101 MOUNT,SIGHT, SMALL ARMS Mount
  TA61 AC12013 SA80 Rail Mount 1240015525078 MOUNT,SIGHT Mount
  CP25F CP25F Stake Front Sight 1005015784770 SIGHT,FRONT Iron Sight
  GL01 GL01 Glock 3 Dot Night Sight Set 5855015595619 GUN SIGHT,NIGHT Iron Sight
  GL02 GTOOL1 Glock Sight Tool 5180016262216 TOOL KIT,SNIPERSCOPE Iron Sight
  GL101O 600538 HD Set; Orange - for Glock 9mm/.40 1005016425070 MOUNT,SIGHT,SMALL ARMS Iron Sight
  GL201-C-600651 GL201-C-600651 Supp. Set; WF/WR Ylw - for Glock 9mm/.40 5855016497365 SIGHT,NIGHT VISION SNIPERSCOPE Iron Sight
  IRMK2-35 IRMK2-35 IR HUNTER MK2; 35mm; Black 5855016686734 SIGHT,THERMAL EO
  TA01 100103 ACOG 4x32 for the M16/AR15 1240016043897 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA01BUIS-RM06-UK 100086 ACOG 4x32 No Scripture BUIS w/RM06 1005015947680 SIGHT,REAR ACOG
  TA01ECOS 100588 4x32 ECOS A Xhr 5.56;BUIS;QRMt;RM01T2-NS 1240015744377 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA01LAW 100108 ACOG 4x32 for the M16 - LAPD Reticle 1005016242903 SIGHT,REAR ACOG
  TA01M417-RM06 100089 4x32- 7.62mm M417 Ret, RM06, BUIS; LT100 1240015985065 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
x TA01NSN 100237 ACOG 4x32 - Commercial M4A1 NS 1240015744384 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA01NSN-RMR 100100 4x32 Amber Crosshair 223; TA51; RM01 1005015921995 SIGHT,REAR ACOG
  TA02-D-100387 100387 4x32 LED XHair Mil NDLO;#19LDLII;RM06 NS 1240016428808 SIGHT,INFINITY ACOG
  TA02-D-100388 100388 4x32 LED XHair Flt NDLO;#19LDLII;RM06 NS 1240016428806 SIGHT,INFINITY ACOG
  TA02-RM06 100186 4x32 LED Illum X-Hair Ret w/TA51 w/RM06 1240016254190 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA11 100136 ACOG 3.5x35 for the M16/AR15 1240016477672 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA11-D-100522 100522 3.5x35 GR HS MAG58;RFID;LT622SDO;RM06-NS 1240016629924 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
  TA11-D-100547 100547 3.5x35 DI Grn BE M80 Hsh;LT622;RM06T2-NS 1240016652881 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA11E 100142 ACOG 3.5x35 .308 Red Chevron with BAC 1240015947613 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA11F 100145 ACOG 3.5x35 .223 Red Chevron with BAC 1240015947614 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA11F-A 100146 ACOG 3.5x35 .223 Amber Chevron w/ BAC 1240016088398 TELESCOPE,STRAIGHT ACOG
  TA11J 100158 3.5x35 Dual Ill Red X-hair.223 w/TA51 Mt 1240016068638 TELESCOPE,ARTICULATED ACOG
  TA11MGO-RM06-SB 100574 3.5x35 DI Grn Chv 223; TA51; RM06T2 - NS 1240016141966 SIGHT UNIT ACOG


100445 3.5x35 R Hshoe/Dot SD;RM05;LT Mt - CP NS 1240015751724 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA31A 100213 4x32 Dual Illum Red Triangle .223 Ret 1240015849752 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
x TA31ECOS 100617 4x32 ECOS DI Rd Xh 556;BI;QRMt;RM01T2-NS 1240015401186 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA31ECOS-G 100066 4x32 ECOS DI G Xhr 5.56;BUIS;QR Mt;RM01 1240016007964 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA31F 100261 ACOG 4x32 Red Chevron with BAC - NS 1240015148428 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
  TA31NZ-556 100025 4x32 DI Grn Xhr NZ 5.56;LT622;RM01 - NS 1240016091493 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
  TA31NZ-556-RM06 100489 4x32 Gr Xh NZ MK262;RFID;LT622;RM06 - NS 1240016567283 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
  TA31RCO-A4 100301 ACOG 4x32 RCO A4 - Com. Packed NS 1240015251648 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
x TA31RCO-M150CP 100227 M150 Rifle Combat Optic - Bulk Packed NS 1240015571897 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA31RCO-M4 100264 ACOG 4x32 RCO - Com. Packed (M4) - NS 1240015341114 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
x TA31RCO-M855 100465 4x32 R Hshoe RCO-M7;X Adj;LT799 - BP NS 1240016453117 SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL ACOG
  TA31USN-M855 100474 4x32 R Hsh USN M855;X Adj;LT799 - BP NS 1005016479107 NRP,M855 ACOG ACOG
  TA55A 100175 5.5x50 .308 with BAC and Flattop Mount 1240016128240 SIGHT,INFINITY ACOG


6x48; Red Chevron .308; TA75; M1913 Rail 1240016281734 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA648-50G 100008 6x48 Grn Chvron .50 BMG; TA75 M1913 Rail 1240015912484 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
x TA648MDO 100297 M240B Medium Machine Gun Optic (MDO) NS 1240015780211 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
x TA648MGO-308 100257 6x48; R Chvrn .308; TA75; M1913 Rail NS 1240015744359 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
x TA648MGO-M2 100256 6x48 DI Green Horseshoe .50; TA75 - NS 1240016706788 SIGHT UNIT ACOG
  TA648RMR-UKS 100023 ACOG 6x48, RMR, UK Sharpshooters 1005015847705 SIGHT FRONT ASSEMBL ACOG
  AC10010 AC10010 VCOG Adjuster Cap Lanyard Assy 5340016423437 CAP,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  AC10011 AC10011 VCOG Battery Cap Lanyard Assy 5340016423435 CAP,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  AC11024 AC11024 1-6x24 VCOG Tenebraex Flip Cap Set 5340016422182 CAP SET,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOIS Accessory
  AC11030 AC11030 4x32 ACOG w/Bosses Eyepiece Flip Cap 6760016631289 CAP,LENS Accessory
  AC11031 AC11031 4x32 ACOG Objective Flip Cap 6650016577657 CAP,LENS Accessory
  AC32004 AC32004 Low Profile M1913 RMR/SRO Mt 1005016016955 MOUNT,SIGHT,SMALL ARMS Accessory
  AC32006 AC32006 Weaver Colt Knob RMR/SRO Mt 1240016722336 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  AC32053 AC32053 1-6x24 VCOG RMR/SRO Mounting Adapter 1005016427816 BRACKET,MOUNTING Accessory
  AC32064 AC32064 RMR Mount Kit - Fits Glock MOS Models 1005016509948 MOUNT,SIGHT,SMALL ARMS Accessory
  BP-ACA2564-1 BP-ACA2564-1 Scope Cap for 4x32 5340015277104 COVER,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTU Accessory
  BP-ACA2754-1 BP-ACA2754-1 Brass crimp sleeve (Adj. Cap Ret.) 4030015316472 BAND,WIRE STRAND Accessory
  BP-ACA3066-2 BP-ACA3066-2 ACOG External Adjuster Cap - Black 5340015816873 CAP,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  BP-ACA3152-1 BP-ACA3152-1 Reinforced Int. Adj. Cap w/Fastener Btn. 6650015316738 CAP,LENS Accessory
  BP-ACA3161-1 BP-ACA3161-1 ACOG Internal Adjuster Cap Lanyard Assy 5340015393268 COVER,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  BP-ACA3298-2 BP-ACA3298-2 ACOG External Adj Cap Lanyard - Black 5340015593866 CAP,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  BP-ACA3355-1 BP-ACA3355-1 FIST Eyepiece Boot 6650015574143 EYESHIELD,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  BP-ACB3174-2 BP-ACB3174-2 3.5x35 ACOG Ext. Adj. Cap Asy. 5340015816215 CAP SET,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  BP-ACC2760-1 BP-ACC2760-1 ACOG Thumb Screw 5305015396274 SCREW,MACHINE Accessory
  BP-ACD3264-1 BP-ACD3264-1 6x48 Adj. Cap w/ Fastener Button 5340015816873 CAP,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  BP-HSC1501-2 BP-HSC1501-2 #10-32x3/8" Button Head Cap Screw - SS 5305015816081 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  BP-HSC1502-4 BP-HSC1502-4 #10-32 x 1/2 SS BHCS - Nylok - Red 5305015876010 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  BP-HSC2070-1 BP-HSC2070-1 10-32 x 3/8" SS PHMS Blackened 5305015316659 SCREW,MACHINE Accessory
  BP-HSC3160-2 BP-HSC3160-2 #6-32 x .25" BHCS - Pre-applied Nylok 5305016004818 SCREW,MACHINE Accessory
  BP-HWA1508-1 BP-HWA1508-1 #10 SS Lockwasher 5310015393743 WASHER,LOCK Accessory
  BP-MANUAL-6X48 BP-MANUAL-6X48 Manual for Trijicon ACOG 6x48 7610015989808 MANUAL,TECHNICAL Accessory
  BP-MANUAL-BAC BP-MANUAL-BAC ACOG 4x32 & 3.5x35 BAC Manual 7610015887748 MANUAL,TECHNICAL Accessory
  BP-MANUAL-FIST BP-MANUAL-FIST Manual for Fist IW & LMG 7610015574155 MANUAL,TECHNICAL Accessory
  SP-ACA2463-1 SP-ACA2463-1 Machined Ghost Ring Rear Sight 1005015316943 SIGHT,REAR Accessory
  SP-ACA2753-1 SP-ACA2753-1 Wire (Adjuster Cap) 4010015316726 WIRE ROPE ASSEMBLY,SINGLE LEG Accessory
  SP-ACA3053-1 SP-ACA3053-1 Soft Case, MOLLE, Brown ACOG 4x32 1240015354485 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  SP-ACA3066-2 SP-ACA3066-2 ACOG External Adjuster Cap - Black 5365016017653 PLUG,MACHINE THREAD Accessory
  SP-ACA3107-1 SP-ACA3107-1 ACOG ECOS Rear Side Mount Ghost Ring - B 4931016438924 BORESIGHT KIT,HELMET SIGHT ASSEM Accessory
  SP-ACA3107-2 SP-ACA3107-2 Offset BUIS Rear Apeture 1005015976855 GHOST RING,SPEC Accessory
  SP-ACA3107-2 SP-ACA3107-2 Offset BUIS Rear Apeture 1240016084269 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  SP-ACA3109-1 SP-ACA3109-1 Offset BUIS Front Sight 1240016084271 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  SP-ACA3152-1 SP-ACA3152-1 Reinforced Int. Adj. Cap w/Fastener Btn. 6650015316738 CAP,LENS Accessory
  SP-ACA3162-1 SP-ACA3162-1 4x32 RCO Modular ARD 1240015349201 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE,ACOG Accessory
  SP-ACA3163-1 SP-ACA3163-1 4x32 ACOG Heavy Duty Scopecoat 1240015689365 COVER,ACOG Accessory
  SP-ACA3298-2 SP-ACA3298-2 ACOG External Adjuster Cap Lanyard - Bla 5340015816873 CAP,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  SP-ACA3565-1 SP-ACA3565-1 Battery ACOG Battery Compartment Sleeve 6160016423432 RETAINER,BATTERY Accessory
  SP-ACA3576-1 SP-ACA3576-1 Front Sight for TA01NSN Assembly 1005015316938 SIGHT,FRONT Accessory
  SP-ACA3577-1 SP-ACA3577-1 4x32 Brown Scopecoat for ACOG w/MRD&ARD 6650016097255 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  SP-ACB3165-1 SP-ACB3165-1 Soft Case, MOLLE, Brown TA11SDO Pouch 1240015816854 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  SP-HKY2106-1 SP-HKY2106-1 3/32" Hex Allen Wrench - Short Arm 5120016428823 KEY,SOCKET HEAD SCREW Accessory
  SP-HSC1501-1 SP-HSC1501-1 10-32 x 3/8" SS BHCS 5305016137604 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  SP-HSC1504-2 SP-HSC1504-2 #6-32 x 3/8" SS SHCS - pre-applied Silve 5305015816225 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  SP-HSC2077-2 SP-HSC2077-2 #6-32 x 1/2" SS SHCS - pre-applied Nylok 5305015816657 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  SP-HSC3111-2 SP-HSC3111-2 #6-32 x 5/8" SS SHCS - pre-applied Nylok 5305015976858 SCREW,SPEC Accessory
  SP-MRD3075-1 SP-MRD3075-1 RMR ACOG Mount 1005015976856 ACOG MOUNT,SPEC Accessory
  SP-MRD3075-1 SP-MRD3075-1 RMR ACOG Mount 1240016084248 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  SP-PKG1030-1 SP-PKG1030-1 10.63 x 8.36 x 5.13 Injection Molded Pla 1240016137606 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  SP-PKG1040-1 SP-PKG1040-1 10.63 x 8.36 x 5.13 Injection Molded Pla 1240016674686 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  TA106 AC11008 6x48 ACOG Scopecoat 1005015913147 COVER,SCOPE Accessory
  TA30 AC12005 ACOG extra screw & washer set 5305015349192 SCREW,MACHINE Accessory
  TA52 AC11010 ACOG 4x32 Scope Cover 5340015277104 COVER,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOISTURE Accessory
  TA53 AC12006 ACOG Thumb Screw for M16/AR15 modls 5305015346995 THUMBSCREW Accessory
  TA53A AC12007 ACOG Thumb Screw Assembly (RCO) 5305015354482 THUMBSCREW Accessory
  TA54A AC12008 RCO-M150 Thumbscrew Assembly 5305015593863 THUMBSCREW Accessory
  TA56 AC00001 Lenspen Optical Component Cleaner and Br 1240015350972 CLEANING TOOL,SIGHT,BORE,OPTICAL Accessory
  TA58 AC11014 Tenebraex killFLASH ARD for Compact ACO 6650015220075 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  TA63 AC11005 3.5x35 ACOG Scopecoat 1240016068646 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE, Accessory
  TA64 AC11001 4x32 ACOG Scopecoat 1240015349198 COVER,ACOG Accessory
  TA91 AC11011 4x32 RCO Modular ARD - CP 1240015349201 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE,ACOG Accessory
  TA96 AC11003 4x32 ACOG Heavy Duty Scopecoat - Package 1240016242905 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  TA97 AC11016 Tenebraex killFLASH Anti Reflection Dev 6650015912481 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE,OPTICAL INSTRUMWNT Accessory
  SP-ACC3059-1B SP-ACC3059-1B ARMS #19 LD Mount, New Style, ECOS Brown 1005016438921 MOUNT,SIGHT,SMALL ARMS Accessory
  SP-ACC3060-1 SP-ACC3060-1 LT622 STD-RHS Throw Lever Mount 1240016137605 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  SP-ACC3090-1 SP-ACC3090-1 6x48 Flattop Mount for MIL Std Rails 1240016118457 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  SP-ACC3207-1 SP-ACC3207-1 TA648 LaRue LT610 - Throw Levers on Left 1005015906954 MOUNT,SIGHT,SMALL ARMS Accessory
  SP-ACD3141-1 SP-ACD3141-1 Adjuster Cap and Retention Wire Assembly 5340015841788 CAP SET,PROTECTIVE,DUST AND MOIS Accessory
  SP-ACD3337-1 SP-ACD3337-1 TA648MDO Optic Pouch Coyote Brown 1240015842371 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  SP-HSC1504-1 SP-HSC1504-1 Housing Attachment Screw 5305016438927 SCREW,MACHINE Accessory
  SP-HSC3021-1 SP-HSC3021-1 #5-40 x 3/8 SHCS 5305016423434 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  SP-HSC3095-2 SP-HSC3095-2 #8-32 x 5/8 SHCS - Nylok 5305015842827 SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD Accessory
  SP-HSC3108-2 SP-HSC3108-2 #4-40 Oval Pt Set Screw - Pre-applied Ny 5305016110923 SETSCREW Accessory
  SP-MRD3016-1 SP-MRD3016-1 RMR ACOG Mount 5340016110925 BRACKET,MOUNTING Accessory
  SP-MRD3147-1 SP-MRD3147-1 RMR Tenebraex ARD - Dual Illuminated 6650016097257 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  SP-MRD3176-1 SP-MRD3176-1 1-6x VCOG RMR Mount 1240016423444 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  SP-MRD3177-1 SP-MRD3177-1 1-6x VCOG RMR Clamp 1240016423445 MOUNT,SIGHT Accessory
  TA66 AC11012 Tenebraex killFLASH ARD for 3.5x35 ACOG 6650016068651 ANTI-REFLECTION DEVICE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory
  TA71E AC10004 ACOG External Adjuster Caps & Lanyard As 6760016043895 CAP,LENS Accessory
  TA86 AC10008 RCO ACOG Pouch 1240015354485 CASE,OPTICAL INSTRUMENT Accessory

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