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Trijicon® History



Glyn Bindon, at the time an aeronautical engineer at Ford Motor Company who had worked previously on the U.S. Navy’s F-8U Crusader and other NASA projects, was visiting a family friend with his brother in South Africa in 1981.

His brother, had a friend who made gun sights. Specifically, the tritium-illuminated red dot Armson OEG.

This friend needed a salesperson to launch the product in America. Glyn, who had experience hunting and plinking, decided to give it a shot as a small “side job.”

Glyn Bindon


Glyn’s first Armson sale was for six pieces. Then 12 pieces. The Armson OEG red dot was similar to the original single-point used in 1970 Son Tay raid in Vietnam, but with more robust features and a variety of mounting systems for popular rifles and shotguns.

Armson then supplied Glyn with the first tritium-illuminated gunsight, from Armson OEG, available for sale in stores in 1983. At the time, Glyn ran sales and warehousing out of the family house, with his children helping.


Armson OEG sales continued to grow. And the Bindon family garage continued to be overwhelmed. Yet, Glyn wasn’t about to leave his job at Ford Motor Company, which he had loved since 1972.

In 1985, Glyn introduced the world’s first tritium-reticle riflescope—the Spectrum Riflescope—to the general public, as well as the world’s first commercially available tritium-illuminated iron sights for handguns: Bright & Tough™ Night Sights.

At the same time he was considering a company name change, and came to create the name Trijicon. The meaning behind Trijicon stems from the combination of two words: "Tritium" the key element in the company's innovative illumination technology, and "icon" meaning a picture or image. The "j" was added to combine both words to form Trijicon. Additionally, the "iji" in Trijicon mimics the "three-dot" design of the Bright & Tough™ Night Sights being manufactured.


For days, possibly weeks, an opened pair of binoculars sat on Glyn Bindon’s work bench. (He would often take apart optical technologies, dissect them and explore them.) This one in particular gnawed at him.

Glyn wondered if moving the prism in a riflescope (much like in a pair of binoculars) could make the riflescope more compact than the big, bulky scopes currently on the market.

Short answer: it could. In fact, it revolutionized riflescopes. (And continues to do so to this day.)

In 1987, Trijicon introduced the TA01 4x32 Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG®), which was included in the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Rifle program almost immediately.

This implementation by the U.S. Army was just a small hint at what would soon become a life-changing partnership with the U.S. Military.


In 1988, Trijicon Bright & Tough™ Night Sights were adopted by the FBI on the SIG automatic. Then, Trijicon products were used in service in Operation “Just Cause” in Panama.

Then the military partnership started to ramp up. Trijicon sights were used extensively in Operation “Desert Storm” (including many Armson OEGs used by the Marines).

ACOG innovation continued as Trijicon launched the ACOG® 3.5x35 in 1992, which introduced the Bindon Aiming Concept® (BAC). 

Bindon Aiming Concept®


The U.S. Navy SEALs started to test the new ACOG 3.5x35 with great fanfare, while the product was officially adopted by German GSG9 SWAT on SIG 550 rifles, just as other ACOG magnifications were introduced: 1.5x16, 1.5x24, 2x20, and 3x24.





This was when Glyn Bindon finally decided to leave Ford for this “side gig,” which had moved out of the family home into a 2,000-square-foot warehouse.


U.S. Navy SEALs from SEAL Team 8 train with M4A1 carbines in Kuwait, 1998. DoD photo by JO2 Charles Neff, U.S. Navy

Based on the overwhelming success of the ACOG 4x32 riflescope—both in testing and in theater—the U.S. Special Operations Command purchased 12,000, choosing the TA01 as their official scope for M4 carbines. This was the first official optic enhancement of the M16 family by the U.S. Military.

Yet Glyn and his Trijicon team kept inventing.

In 1996, Trijicon launched the 1x24 Reflex Sight, which was adopted by the U.S. Special Forces for the SOPMOD M4 Carbine kit.

In 1996 and 1997, the Israeli Special Forces purchased 5,000 ACOG 4x32 riflescopes for their designated marksmen.

Word was getting out. Yet even as Trijicon was busy meeting the needs of the U.S. Government and its allies, a new audience emerged that required accuracy, and tough-as-nails ruggedness.

1998–2003 Trijicon GOES HUNTING

Glyn Bindon and his family grew up hunting, so they understood the need for accurate riflescopes that could take a beating (either in the back of a truck or on a safari in the middle of nowhere).

So, it was only natural that, in 1998, Trijicon introduced the Trijicon AccuPoint® 3-9x40 dual-illuminated riflescope with hunters in mind, which features BAC rapid target acquisition.

In 2000, the AccuPoint® line expanded with the 1.25-4x24 model riflescope, designed to help safari hunters.

During this time, Trijicon continued to support tactical needs of the military and 2nd Amendment supporters. The TriPower® tactical sight—the industry’s first triple-illuminated reticle—was launched in 2002.

And in 2003, SAAB Bofors Dynamics chooses the Trijicon 2.5x20 ACOG® sight for its new NLAW advanced one-man weapon systems.

A soldier is pictured aiming a practice NLAW with a Trijicon 2.5x20 ACOG® optic. United Kingdom MoD Photo | Image sourced from public domain


In September 2003, Glyn Bindon, founder of Trijicon, died in a plane crash in Alaska. He was not able to see his invention skyrocket its way to the top of the industry; however, his son Stephen saw to it that Glyn’s vision for the company continued.

As a visionary, however, Glyn was not finished. He had recently expanded the company’s manufacturing footprint in Wixom, Michigan, hoping to utilize a portion of the new building for Trijicon and rent the rest of the footprint. This bold move to expand would come in handy, as Trijicon would soon have no need to find a tenant.


U.S. Marines zero their weapons systems U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Dexter S. Saulisbury/Released

It took 18 years to produce and sell 100,000 ACOG® 4x32 riflescopes, from 1987 to 2005. It then took only 18 months to manufacture the next 100,000. The reason? The ACOG TA31RCO, based on the TA31F, becomes the first-ever official Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) of the US Marine Corps.

That next year, the 100,000th 4x32 ACOG® riflescope was produced,

along with the new 2.5-10x56 30mm tube AccuPoint variable powered riflescope.


U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Kyle R. Petko uses his weapon's optic lens to scan the area while providing security during a patrol to clear routes in Khowst province, Afghanistan. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Justin A. Moeller/Released

As Trijicon continued to upgrade its respected ACOG riflescope line—with the 3x30 ACOG, for example—it also turned its eyes to making its technology smaller. As in, miniature red dot sights.

In 2007, Trijicon launched the Trijicon Red Dot™ Sight, its first-ever miniature reflex-style red dot sight. Trijicon engineers got word of U.S. Special Forces soldiers modifying their ACOGs by mounting a small red dot sight on the top (for CQB and long-range precision—the best of both worlds).

This helped them create the ACOG 4x32 with a Docter Optic Red Dot Sight. Trijicon then launched a similar product to the public, the ACOG® Enhanced Combat Optical Sight (ECOS) in Dark Earth Brown color.

This same year, the U.S. army chose the Trijicon ACOG® 4x32 RCO as a field carry optic.

In 2008, Trijicon expanded the popular ACOG line with the introduction of the 6x48 ACOG, designed for .50 cal crew serve Machine Guns. Trijicon® launched a 42mm objective reflex sight with a larger field-of-view and improved reticle illumination.

Also, the AccuPoint® variable powered riflescope series, featuring the world’s only battery-free illuminated reticle, added crosshair reticle configurations.


The first milestone: The 500,000th 4x32 ACOG® scope was produced.

The second milestone: Trijicon RMR® named “Optic of the Year” by Firearms Marketing Group (FMG).

The expansion: Trijicon introduced green illuminated reticles for select ACOG® and AccuPoint® riflescope configurations and expanded the AccuPoint® variable powered riflescope line with the addition of the 5-20x50 and 1-4x24 30mm tube riflescopes.

The marvel: Trijicon introduced the revolutionary RMR™ (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) sight, the world's first battery-free red dot sight. The two versions, an Automatic LED-illuminated and Tritium / Fiber Optic illuminated reticle, feature a uniquely shaped housing for strength.


Many of Trijicon's associates are hunters. Serious hunters. So in 2011, Trijicon met the needs of the archery market with the revolutionary AccuPin™ Bow Sight system featuring tritium, fiber optics and BowSync™ mounting technology.

The company also launched the TrijiDot™ single bead shotgun sight, featuring advanced Trijicon fiber optics, as well as the 3x24 ACOG® XB Scope later that year.




These two years brought more line expansion and product launches than ever before. The Trijicon team was busy, to say the least.

The Expansions

  • The new RMR® product line expanded with an Adjustable LED version.
  • Trijicon also expanded the celebrated ACOG® line with the addition of a AA battery powered 4x32 LED ACOG®.

The New Launches

  • The HD™ Night Sights improved daytime acquisition accuracy with pistols.
  • The SRS® Sealed Reflex Sight featured a large field of view compressed length and powered by a solar panel and AA battery.
  • TARS™ (Tactical Advanced Riflescope), a ruggedized high performance, long-range riflescope, was launched.
  • The Trijicon CCAS™ (Continuously Computed Aiming Solution), a revolutionary new aiming system for warfighters, was introduced.

A Launch All Its Own

In 2013, Trijicon launched the VCOG™ (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight), a 1-6x24 riflescope, to the world. It brought (and still brings), legendary ACOG® durability and performance to a variable power optic. Competitive shooters rejoiced.




As more and more civilians—from hunters to plinkers to competitive shooters—fell in love with Trijicon products, they requested customized options. So the Trijicon team got to work.


In 2014 alone, Trijicon offered the following customized options:

  • 3 CERAKOTE® finishes, Sniper Gray, FDE (Flat Dark Earth) and OD Green on select ACOG®, Reflex and RMR® models.
  • New Integrated RMR adapter and night sight combo for model 1911 pistols.
  • New red and green reticle options added to the ACOG® 4x32 LED line.
  • Custom Adjustable Turrets for the Trijicon AccuPoint® riflescope series.
  • New ACOG reticle options for M193 ammunition, available in the fixed power, self-luminous 4x32 and 3.5x35 models.
  • Custom 300 Blackout reticles (3.5x35, 4x32, 4x32 LED models.)
  • New Bright & Tough™ and HD™ Nights Sights for Walther PPX and HK VP9 pistols
  • New green reticle options for Trijicon® Reflex line


In 2015, Trijicon launched the Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO®), a red dot sight tough enough for combat, the law enforcement, competition shooting or hunting in the harshest of environments.

Reaction was positive, to say the least. Guns & Ammo awarded the MRO “Optic of the Year.”

The Trijicon team was, of course, honored to win. However, instead of celebrating, they decided to get back to work. The result:

  • RMR® line expanded with a 1 MOA red dot reticle offering.
  • AccuPoint® variable powered riflescope line added 1-6x24 and 2.5-12.5x42 models.
  • GEN2 Compact ACOG® is launched
  • AccuPower® LED riflescope series is launched, with variable power offerings of 1-4x24, 2.5-10x56, 3-9x40 and 4-16x50.
  • Green reticle options added to VCOG® line


To start 2016, Trijicon launched the new 3.5x35 LED ACOG® line and the MGRS® (Machine Gun Reflex Sight).

Then, in 2017, Trijicon introduced best-in-class thermal imaging technologies that offered 12-micron technology, 640x480 thermal sensors and digital OLED display.


That would have been a very exciting year. However, that was just the start

  • Trijicon launched the HD XR™ Night Sights, which built on the features of the HD® Night Sights and offered next-level target identification.
  • Trijicon launched the RMR® Type 2, which is designed to be as durable as the legendary Trijicon ACOG®, while also improving precision and accuracy with any style or caliber of firearm. 
  • Trijicon launched the MRO® Patrol, which is combat ready right out of the box.
  • Trijicon expanded both the AccuPower® series and AccuPoint® series with new additions, a 1-8x28 and 4-16x50, respectively.


In 2017, Trijicon produced the 1,000,000th ACOG® 4x32 riflescope. We think Glyn Bindon would have been proud. And amazed.

To celebrate with the industry, Trijicon hosted a 24 Days of ACOG® Sweepstakes with select industry partners and gave away a prize package a day for 24 straight days—culminating with an amazing gift on the last day: a Trijicon ACOG® 4x32 TA31F, a Smith & Wesson® Performance Center M&P® 15 Competition rifle and a Trijicon REAP-IR™ mini thermal riflescope.


We’re constant innovators, like our founder before us. This is why we continue to improve technologies year-after-year, so the U.S. Military and allies, law enforcement and civilian hunters, shooters and believers of the 2nd Amendment can do what they love, come home and do it again tomorrow.

In 2018, Trijicon launched the 4.5-30x56 AccuPower® and 5-50x56 AccuPower® riflescopes.

We also launched the MRO® Green Dot, which gives the user a reticle that has a greater contrast against forest, grassland and tropical environments.


In 2019, Trijicon launched three new products: Trijicon® Fiber Sights, the Trijicon SRO® and the Trijicon VCOG® 1-8x28..

The company also launched the Trijicon® OASYS line of thermal optics—high-performance, military-grade thermal optics.


The Trijicon® OASYS line of thermal optics


Trijicon Announces Major Expansion of Variable Power Optics Division - Introducing Six NEW Riflescope Categories:

 In 2020, Trijicon  introduced six all new riflescope categories for the hunting, tactical, competition and long-range communities, as well as new models in its AccuPoint line.

  • Trijicon Huron® - Developed specifically for the North American whitetail deer hunter, with premium glass, proven precision and rugged durability.
  • Trijicon Ascent® - Tactical riflescopes specifically designed for shooters who constantly want to improve their skills.

  • Trijicon Credo® - Expertise from decades of deployment with America’s greatest fighting forces, built into a family of tactical riflescopes.

  • Trijicon Credo® HX - Hunting riflescopes that offers rapid target acquisition from dawn to dusk, along with durable construction.

  • Trijicon Tenmile® - Absolute accuracy and precision at extreme distances.

  • Trijicon Tenmile® HX - Long-range hunting riflescopes for dialing in shots at long range.

  • Trijicon AccuPoint® - Enhanced accuracy in low light or no light, battery free. New magnifications and reticles available

Trijicon VCOG® 1-8x28 Selected as USMC Squad Common Optic:

Trijicon is awarded a contract for the selection of the Trijicon VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) 1-8x28 riflescope as the U.S. Marine Corps’ Squad Common Optic (SCO). 

“Our warfighters deserve the very best equipment in defense of our nation. The Marine Corps’ SCO evaluation process was extremely rigorous, and we are honored that the VCOG was selected to continue the tradition of battle-proven riflescopes that the Trijicon ACOG began in 2004 as the Marine Corps’ first Rifle Combat Optic,” said Stephen Bindon, Trijicon President & CEO.

Trijicon® Unveils the MRO® HD - Featuring a New Complex Reticle 

The MRO HD takes performance to the next level with a re-engineered objective lens that produces a refined 2.0 MOA center dot surrounded by a 68 MOA segmented circle reticle for improved accuracy. Optimized for use with the optional MRO HD 3x magnifier accessory, the MRO HD features a truly ambidextrous reticle and brightness control that allows the user to choose between a full reticle or center dot only, while maintaining constant fire control. 

Trijicon®  launches the RMR®cc – A Reliable and Rugged Miniature Reflex for Concealed Carry

Born from the legendary Trijicon RMR®, the thinner, lower profile RMRcc provides fast, both-eyes-open target acquisition, accurate aiming, and proven reliability for concealed carry pistols.


Trijicon® Expands Iron Sight Portfolio with the Addition of the DI™ Family of Night Sights – A Tritium and Fiber Illuminated Option for Any Light Aiming

Designed for shooters who want daylight brightness and a constant aiming point, the dual illuminated Trijicon DI Night Sights are equipped with an industry-first: a patent pending interchangeable fiber. This proprietary design not only allows the shooter the ability to replace the fiber in the field, it allows the user to choose among several fiber and ring retainer colors to configure a personalized aiming solution.

Trijicon improves on thermal riflescope lineup with innovative new features added to REAP-IR® and IR-HUNTER® products.

The enhanced REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER models now offer a new suite of features including redesigned electronic hardware, new digital controls for improved system response and added compatibility with external USB power sources and digital video recorders.


Trijicon Introduces New Quick-Release Mounts featuring Trijicon Q-LOCTM Technology

Trijicon's quick-release mounts with Trijicon Q-LOC Technology feature a Mil-Spec drop test rated 6061-T6 aluminum design, with an easy to use one handed toolless mounting system. The spring-loaded design allows for constant retention and maintaining of zero even if the knobs are not tightened.  The new mounts boasts a low weight and low profile design with precise return to zero performance, and are compatible with any Mil-Spec or NATO Picatinny rail. Options available for variable powered riflescopes, red dot sights and Trijicon compact ACOG models.

Trijicon Expands Compact ACOG® Line with New Mounts and Reticles

Trijicon 1.5x16s and 2x20 ACOG models are now available with the new TAC-R™ series of reticles (Trijicon Advanced Combat Reticles) which offer numerous features such as BDC stadia lines, target-ranging markings, wind holds, and 2.0 MOA center dot illumination (which aids both-eyes-open shooting).

RTR™ .223 Reticle

New to the TAC-R series is the RTR™ (Rapid Target Reticle). The RTR™ .223 reticle includes a bright fiber optic/tritium 2.0 MOA illuminated center dot, BDC holds to 700 yards for .223 REM 55gr. FMJ ammunition and a 16 in. barrel length, 7.5 MPH crosswind holds at 250 yards, and 19 in. width stadia lines for ranging.


RTR™ 9mm PCC Reticle

The RTR™ 9mm PCC reticle is specifically designed for 9mm 115gr. FMJ ammunition and a 16 in. barrel length. There is a bright fiber optic/tritium 2.0 MOA illuminated center dot with a horseshoe shroud to aid in getting the reticle on target quickly. Sight the optic in at 50 yards and the stadia lines provides BDC holds out to 300 yards in addition to being 19 in. width

All Trijicon Compact ACOG models now come equipped with quick-release mounts featuring Q-LOC™ Technology. The new mounts feature a Mil-Spec drop test rated 6061-T6 aluminum design, with an easy to use one handed tool less mounting system.The spring-loaded design allows for constant retention and maintaining of zero even if the knobs are not tightened.

Trijicon Announces the RMR® Dual DefenseTM Kit - A Complete Handgun Aiming Solution

The Trijicon Dual Defense™ Kit combines the legendary RMR® and the industry leading Bright & Tough™ Night Sight set into one, easy-to-use kit. This new kit adds speed and precision to your self-defense, law enforcement, military, competition, or target pistol. Having co-witnessed iron sights helps you quickly acquire the red dot, and if necessary, provides a back up aiming solution.


Trijicon Introduces the RMR® HD and RCRTM Red Dot Sights

RMR® HD - Ready for Duty

Trijicon introduces the Trijicon RMR HD, the latest extension to the RMR® product family. The RMR HD is an innovative red dot pistol optic specifically designed for the evolving needs of Law Enforcement and the Military. Built on the foundation of the Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED model, the RMR HD features the same patented housing shape made from forged aluminum, robust electronic system, and quality lenses. Adding a long-lasting, top-loading battery, larger window, an innovative forward looking light sensor, multiple reticle options, market leading illumination adjustability, and it’s clear the RMR HD is designed and built for duty use.

Trijicon RCR™ - All Conditions Durability

Trijicon introduces the Trijcon RCR, an extremely rugged and durable closed emitter optic which meets the demanding standards for military and law enforcement applications. The Trijicon RCR represents the next evolution of the Trijicon RMR® and is designed to be as durable as the legendary Trijicon ACOG®, while also improving precision and accuracy with any style or caliber of firearm in any type of environment. The RCR can withstand direct impacts and survive in the harshest environments, while still providing enhanced accuracy and an excellent field of view. The RCR does this while not requiring additional or new plates to be used as it works with the current RMR bolt pattern and direct mounts without the use of a dovetail.


Trijicon introduces 1-10x28 magnifications to Credo® and Credo® HX riflescope lines.

Engineered to perform at both CQB distance and more extended ranges, the 1-10x28 features a first focal plane design and a light, slim body style built to the durability standards Trijicon is known for.  

The Segmented Circle Enhanced reticles utilized in the 1-10x28 models offer an illuminated segmented circle for close engagements at lower power, and a fine illuminated cross dot for more extended shots. There are also subtle wind holds within the reticle for more precise distant shots as needed. The reticles are based off the reticle in the U.S. Marine Corps Squad Common Optic variant of the Trijicon VCOG. The Credo 1-10x28 gives you fully multi-coated, broadband, anti-reflective glass, a 34mm tube and 28mm objective lens for excellent light transmission, true detail and color with zero distortion. 

Tenmile® HX 5-25x50 now available with a First Focal Plane Segmented Circle Enhanced Reticle

Trijicon® expands the Tenmile® HX series to include an extremely versatile 5-25x50 first focal plane (FFP) riflescope. Designed for serious hunters, the Tenmile HX 5-25x50 FFP ensures speed and precision at all hunting distances and features outstanding glass, highly repeatable adjusters. The purpose-built MOA based FFP reticle offers red or green center dot illumination for contrast against all backgrounds and contains uncluttered MOA elevation and windage subtensions that can be used at any power setting without any additional calculations.   

Trijicon® expands Suppressor/Optic Height Iron Sight Offerings with additional colors and configurations.

Trijicon® Suppressor/Optic Height Sights are designed for pistols fitted with suppressors or to be used as a backup iron sight for pistol mounted red dots. Now available in Bright White, Orange, and Yellow, the painted sight outlines enhance the user's ability to see the sight picture in bright-light shooting situations. Tritium phosphor-filled glass lamps provide battery-free glow, offering a low-light or no-light aiming point.

New Mounts with Trijicon Q-LOC™ Technology

Trijicon's mounting solutions portfolio continues to grow with the launch of additional quick release mounts with Q-LOC™ Technology, improved slimline mounts, and a variety of modular accessories to increase mounting compatibility.

Trijicon Upgrades REAP-IR® and IR-HUNTER® Thermal Riflescopes

The upgraded REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER thermals now feature enhanced image processing algorithms with greater thermal sensitivity and contrast, providing users with clearer and more detailed thermal imaging capabilities. The addition of an integrated DVR with an onboard SD card allows users to record 640x480 MP4 digital videos. A single external button provides an easy start and stop to recording, simplifying the process of capturing footage.  

All Trijicon Electro Optics thermal scopes feature 640x480 resolution, 12 micron thermal sensors with 60 Hz frame rates, and are engineered, machined, and assembled in the United States and tested to MIL-STD 810-G. Both the REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER models are available in three objective lens sizes: 24mm, 35mm, and 60mm, allowing consumers to select the amount of base optical magnification they desire when purchasing.   

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