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MAY 01 2024

Trijicon Tip: Adjusting Dot Brightness for Competition

Adjusting the brightness of your red dot during competitions can give you the advantage. Justine… MORE

MAY 23 2023

Trijicon Tip - Cleaning Your Firearm

For all the new gun owners out there, Justine Williams shares some of her favorite… MORE

JAN 25 2021

Meat Week: Jalise and Justine’s Wild Turkey Recipe

A successful hunt means food on the table!  With turkey season fast approaching, we have your… MORE

NOV 17 2020

Trijicon Tip: Trigger Pulls with Justine Williams

Justine Williams shares a tip on three different trigger pulls and when to use them. MORE

MAY 26 2020

Trijicon Tips: Justine Williams Discusses Gun to Gun Transitions

Justine Williams Discusses Gun to Gun Transitions in this Trijicon Tip MORE

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