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Pro Team

AUG 29 2019

Track Sights & Shoot Faster with Julie Golob

Julie Golob is answering the question, “How do I learn to shoot faster?” MORE

MAR 31 2020

Trijicon Tips: Get Your Shotgun Up and Running

Matt Koopikka shares a tip about how to get your… MORE

MAR 31 2020

Trijicon Tips: Zeroing Tips with Lanny Oakley

Trijicon Pro Staff Lanny Oakley offers a few tips on… MORE

MAR 10 2020

Trijicon Tips: The Draw Stroke of a Pistol

Chris Cerino shares a tip about the draw stroke of… MORE

FEB 27 2020

Lanny Oakley shares her thoughts on Hunting with an AR

Hunting with an AR, this a can raise eyebrows and… MORE



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