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FEB 01 2024

Trijicon Shot of A Lifetime - Jackson’s Hardabeest

It’s hit or miss when it all comes down to that… MORE

FEB 01 2024

Team Trijicon Stage - 3 Man 3 Gun Competition

Hand slaps and steel taps. A great stage from Team Trijicon! MORE

JAN 29 2024

Trijicon Wallpaper Downloads

Download Trijicon wallpapers for your computer, tablet or mobile device. MORE

JAN 12 2024

Trijicon® RCR™ Receives NRA Golden Bullseye Award  for American Rifleman 2024 Optic of the Year!

Trijicon RCR™ (Ruggedized Closed Reflex) has been selected as American Rifleman’s 2024 Optic… MORE

JAN 10 2024

Trijicon Shot of A Lifetime - Mule Deer

This hunter landed an unbelievable shot on a mule deer… MORE

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