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MAY 22 2024

The Durability of Trijicon Riflescopes

Tim Herald shares a terrifying story before a water buck hunt. You won't believe what happened to… MORE

MAY 02 2024

Shot of A Lifetime - Sitatunga

Guess who’s taking a Sitatunga home! This hunter lined up a perfect shot through the wetland… MORE

APR 12 2024

Trijicon Tip - Rifle Setups for Safari Game

International Hunting Consultant and Outdoor Writer, Tim Herald, shares why he prefers to bring two… MORE

APR 03 2024

My Spring with the Trijicon SRO By Tim Herald

Although most of the hunting I do these days is for big game internationally, my… MORE

APR 02 2024

Hunting Turkeys on Small Properties by Tim Herald

When I first started turkey hunting, over thirty years ago, it was easy to gain… MORE

MAR 01 2024

Trijicon Shot of A LIfetime - Kudu

Check out this amazing shot on a Kudu, brought to you by the Trijicon Credo HX. … MORE

FEB 21 2024

Trijicon Tip - Shooting Position

Get a steady shot, no matter where you are, with this shooting position. Here’s Dave Fulson with… MORE

FEB 08 2024

Kilombero Cape Buffalo Hunt

Tim Herald is hunting in Tanzania with a Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-12.5x42 and explains why you… MORE

FEB 01 2024

Trijicon Shot of A Lifetime - Jackson’s Hardabeest

It’s hit or miss when it all comes down to that single moment. This hunter seized the… MORE

JAN 10 2024

Trijicon Shot of A Lifetime - Mule Deer

This hunter landed an unbelievable shot on a mule deer using an AccuPoint. Certainly, a… MORE

DEC 12 2023

Hunting & Fishing Photos - Take Just an Extra Minute

I just returned from a fishing trip in Mexico with 14 friends. After the first… MORE

DEC 02 2023

Trijicon Tip: AccuPoint Illuminated Reticle

An illuminated reticle can make or break a hunt, especially in low light conditions. Make… MORE

NOV 13 2023

Trijicon Tip: Hunting Regulations

Blake Barnett shares some insight and tips on hunting regulations between using battery operated vs.… MORE

NOV 07 2023

Shot of A Lifetime: Moose Hunting

A delicate shot on a Moose by Russell Stacie. MORE

OCT 07 2023

Trijicon Shot of a Lifetime — Eland in Namibian Terrains

An exceptional shot on an Eland in the Namibian terrains. These giants are Africa's largest antelopes,… MORE

OCT 02 2023

Tim Herald’s Unforgettable Leopard Hunt

Tim Herald is telling us about his unforgettable hunt and how a Trijicon AccuPoint helped… MORE

OCT 02 2023

Trijicon Tip - Booking a Hunt with an Outfitter

Blake Barnett from Trailing the Hunters Moon provides some insightful tips on how to book a hunt… MORE

SEP 18 2023

Trijicon Tip - Wildlife Conservation Through Hunting

Wildlife conservation is part of the hunt and the business.   MORE

AUG 22 2023

Trijicon Tip - Trigger Control

Dave Fulson of Safari Classics shares a tip on trigger control to help you achieve… MORE

JUL 25 2023

Trijicon Tip - Rifle Hunting with AccuPoint Precision

Blake Barnett shares details on the use of the AccuPoint 1-6 x 24 scope with… MORE

JUL 11 2023

Trijicon Tip - Predator Hunting

Here’s a tip from Daron Cruickshank for all the predator hunters out there to make sure you… MORE

JUL 03 2023

A Case of Problem Buffalo

It’s no secret that human wildlife conflicts are on the rise. That is true of our… MORE

JUN 06 2023

Ghost of the Papyrus

The sitatunga is one of the most unique animals in the world, and a very… MORE

JUN 05 2023

Trijicon Tip - Spot and Stalk Hunting

Planning for a spot and stalk hunt? Lanny Oakley has a tip to make sure you’re… MORE

APR 18 2023

Trijicon Tip - Long Range Optics Part Three

Setting up a long range combo? Tim Herald breaks down his optic picks so you… MORE

APR 04 2023

Trijicon Tip - Hunter Holds Reticle

Let’s break down the Trijicon Huron Hunter Holds reticle in today’s Trijicon Tip! MORE

MAR 21 2023

Trijicon Tip – Shooting Bag

Looking to increase your accuracy and confidence in the field? Try incorporating a shooting bag… MORE

MAR 13 2023

Use Your Off-Season Wisely By Tim Herald

For me, my off season is usually mid-December-February. Though this is my absolute busiest time… MORE

MAR 07 2023

Trijicon Tip – Bullets for Dangerous Game

Tim Herald shares Trijicon Tip on his favorite bullet s to use for hunting dangerous game. MORE

MAR 06 2023

A Lowly Doe by Larry Weishuhn

“You actually shot a doe?” My hunting partner at the time, when questioned by another hunter in our… MORE

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