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MAY 22 2024

The Durability of Trijicon Riflescopes

Tim Herald shares a terrifying story before a water buck hunt. You won't believe what happened to… MORE

APR 12 2024

Trijicon Tip - Rifle Setups for Safari Game

International Hunting Consultant and Outdoor Writer, Tim Herald, shares why he prefers to bring two… MORE

APR 03 2024

My Spring with the Trijicon SRO By Tim Herald

Although most of the hunting I do these days is for big game internationally, my… MORE

APR 02 2024

Hunting Turkeys on Small Properties by Tim Herald

When I first started turkey hunting, over thirty years ago, it was easy to gain… MORE

FEB 08 2024

Kilombero Cape Buffalo Hunt

Tim Herald is hunting in Tanzania with a Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-12.5x42 and explains why you… MORE

DEC 12 2023

Hunting & Fishing Photos - Take Just an Extra Minute

I just returned from a fishing trip in Mexico with 14 friends. After the first… MORE

OCT 02 2023

Tim Herald’s Unforgettable Leopard Hunt

Tim Herald is telling us about his unforgettable hunt and how a Trijicon AccuPoint helped… MORE

JUL 03 2023

A Case of Problem Buffalo

It’s no secret that human wildlife conflicts are on the rise. That is true of our… MORE

APR 18 2023

Trijicon Tip - Long Range Optics Part Three

Setting up a long range combo? Tim Herald breaks down his optic picks so you… MORE

MAR 21 2023

Trijicon Tip – Shooting Bag

Looking to increase your accuracy and confidence in the field? Try incorporating a shooting bag… MORE

MAR 13 2023

Use Your Off-Season Wisely By Tim Herald

For me, my off season is usually mid-December-February. Though this is my absolute busiest time… MORE

MAR 07 2023

Trijicon Tip – Bullets for Dangerous Game

Tim Herald shares Trijicon Tip on his favorite bullet s to use for hunting dangerous game. MORE

FEB 07 2023

Trijicon Tip - Conservation

 Trijicon is a company of hunters. That’s one reason conservation is so important to us. Tim Herald… MORE

OCT 04 2022

Trijicon Tip: Choose Confidence

Tim Herald shares a #TrijiconTip on why he chose the Trijicon AccuPoint for his Bull… MORE

SEP 20 2022

Trijicon Tip: Long Range Optics

Tim Herald is back with a Trijicon Tip on long-range optics and when he uses… MORE

AUG 12 2022

The Conclusion by Tim Herald

On this trip, I had the odds stacked against me, but you can’t be successful if you… MORE

JUL 06 2022

Making More out of Your Double Rifle by Tim Herald

There is just something about holding and shooting a well-balanced custom-made double rifle. They feel… MORE

APR 11 2022

Bushbuck;The Whitetail of Africa

No doubt Africa’s dangerous game is my greatest hunting passion, and maybe even obsession, but hunting the… MORE

APR 06 2022

Spring in the Sierra Madres

Taking the four subspecies of wild turkey that commonly live in the US, (Osceola, Rio… MORE

APR 05 2022

Trijicon Tip: Variable Scopes Part 2

Ready for all of your hunting trips, a 2.5-12.5 variable power scope empowers you for… MORE

MAR 29 2022

Trijicon Tip: Turkey Decoys

Are you using decoys for your hunt? Tim Herald breaks down his decoy process so… MORE

MAR 15 2022

Trijicon Tip: Ground Blind Turkey Hunting

Before turkey season gets here, check out Tim Herald’s tip on not being seen while in your… MORE

MAR 01 2022

Traveling Hunters in Today’s World

We are fast approaching the two-year anniversary of when the world changed as far as… MORE

FEB 08 2022

Trijicon Tip: Variable Power Scopes Part 1

What’s the best power to set your riflescope for a hunt? Tim Herald has a tip to… MORE

DEC 28 2021

Trijicon Tip: Flying with a Firearm and Ammo

Tim Herald is back with a Trijicon Tip on flying with your firearm and ammo.… MORE

NOV 01 2021

Preparing for a Hunt by Tim Herald

Books have been written about preparing for the season when you are hunting your home… MORE

JUL 08 2021

Trijicon Shot of a Lifetime: Cape Buffalo

What’s your shot of a lifetime? Watch as Tim Herald hunts cape buffalo. MORE

JUL 02 2021

Booking an Outfitted Hunt by Tim Herald

I could literally write a book on how to book a hunt. To condense this… MORE

MAY 13 2021

You Don’t Want a Charge! by Tim Herald

While a buffalo charge will surely be an adrenaline filled encounter, for anyone who has… MORE

MAY 06 2021

Wild Turkey Grand Slam Part Two by Tim Herald

In part two, we will look at hunting the Rio Grande and Merriam’s subspecies that are… MORE

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