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JUN 10 2024

Shot of a Lifetime - Ugandan Kob

The thrill of the chase…it’s what keeps this hunter alert during his pursuit of the Ugandan Kob. Watch… MORE

MAY 02 2024

Shot of A Lifetime - Sitatunga

Guess who’s taking a Sitatunga home! This hunter lined up a perfect shot through the wetland… MORE

APR 22 2024

Shot of a Lifetime - Cape Buffalo

A great shot on a Cape Buffalo was made possible with the Trijicon AccuPoint. For… MORE

MAR 01 2024

Trijicon Shot of A LIfetime - Kudu

Check out this amazing shot on a Kudu, brought to you by the Trijicon Credo HX. … MORE

FEB 01 2024

Trijicon Shot of A Lifetime - Jackson’s Hardabeest

It’s hit or miss when it all comes down to that single moment. This hunter seized the… MORE

JAN 10 2024

Trijicon Shot of A Lifetime - Mule Deer

This hunter landed an unbelievable shot on a mule deer using an AccuPoint. Certainly, a… MORE

NOV 07 2023

Shot of A Lifetime: Moose Hunting

A delicate shot on a Moose by Russell Stacie. MORE

OCT 07 2023

Trijicon Shot of a Lifetime — Eland in Namibian Terrains

An exceptional shot on an Eland in the Namibian terrains. These giants are Africa's largest antelopes,… MORE

DEC 15 2022

Shot of a Lifetime — Whitetail Deer

Check out this whitetail shot of a lifetime! MORE

MAY 02 2022

Shot of a Lifetime: Hunting Kudu with Ben Baker

Kudos on the one-shot Kudu. MORE

JUL 08 2021

Trijicon Shot of a Lifetime: Cape Buffalo

What’s your shot of a lifetime? Watch as Tim Herald hunts cape buffalo. MORE

NOV 06 2020

Safari Classics Shot of A Lifetime: Crocodile Hunt

Crikey… she’s a crocodile hunter. MORE

SEP 03 2020

Safari Classics Shot of a Lifetime: Elk Hunt

What does he score? MORE

JUL 09 2020

Safari Classics Hunts Sable Bull

Nothing like finally catching up with your prey, especially when it’s a Sable bull.   MORE

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