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JAN 28 2022

Meat Week 2022: Two Hats Ranch Venison Wellington

Trying to decide what to cook this weekend? We have you covered with this Venison… MORE

JAN 27 2022

Meat Week 2022: Julie Golob’s Venison Tough Cuts Recipe

Trying to figure out how to make venison tough cuts tender? A dutch oven will… MORE

JAN 26 2022

Meat Week 2022: Two Hats Ranch Chicken Fried Venison

Who’s ready to cook up some Venison? Not only can the team at Two Hats Ranch give… MORE

JAN 24 2022

Meat Week 2022: Julie Golob’s Venison Ratatouille Recipe

Its Meat Week!  Follow along all week as we give you new recipes, preparation tips and… MORE

JAN 06 2022

On the Mescalero Apache Pt. 1 by Larry Weishuhn

The Mescalero Apache Reservation is arguably home to the finest elk herd in North America.… MORE

Featured Hunting

JAN 05 2022

Of Red Stags by Larry Weishuhn

“One of these days!” But in saying so, I seriously doubted it would ever happen. At the time I… MORE

JAN 04 2022

Trijicon Tip: Muzzleloader Care in the Field

Dan Catlin takes it old school with a muzzleloader hunt. Check out his tips to… MORE

DEC 28 2021

Trijicon Tip: Flying with a Firearm and Ammo

Tim Herald is back with a Trijicon Tip on flying with your firearm and ammo.… MORE

DEC 14 2021

Trijicon Tip: Alaska Proof

Trijicon riflescopes are developed based on our battle-tested technologies so that you can trust your… MORE

NOV 30 2021

Trijicon Tip: Accurate Shooting

Dave Fulson of Safari Classics shares a tip on trigger control to help you achieve… MORE

NOV 16 2021

Trijicon Tip: Bench Rest

In the field, you will never find a bench rest like at the range. However,… MORE

NOV 05 2021

Julie Golob’s Venison Heart Recipe

Check out Julie Golob’s venison heart cheese toast recipe here: MORE

NOV 05 2021

Al Morris Reviews the Credo HX

Al Morris is back with a breakdown of why he chooses the Credo HX for… MORE

NOV 01 2021

Preparing for a Hunt by Tim Herald

Books have been written about preparing for the season when you are hunting your home… MORE

OCT 19 2021

Food Plot Strategies by Larry Weishuhn

It’s time! With October comes not only cooling temperatures but a time to start taking venison.… MORE

OCT 19 2021

Trijicon Tip: Follow up Shots in the Field

Dave Fulson shares a tip to help you be prepared for your follow-up shots in… MORE

OCT 11 2021

How to Properly Skin an Animal in the Field

Do you know how to properly skin an animal in the field to protect the… MORE

OCT 08 2021

Learning From Mistakes by Larry Weishuhn

I was growing impatient! For the past fifteen minutes I had been rattling. Nothing had… MORE

OCT 06 2021

Credo HX - Big Game Ready

Whether you are preparing for deer, big game in North America or the Safari, find… MORE

SEP 22 2021

The Season of Painted Leaves by Larry Weishuhn

To paraphrase Havilah Babcock a bit, “My health is always better with the coming of the… MORE

AUG 24 2021

Trijicon Tip: The Chicken Wing

Dave Fulson of Safari Classics shares a tip to increase your stability and accuracy in… MORE

AUG 24 2021

Trijicon Tip: MRAD or MOA?

John Fink, one of Trijicon’s Product Managers, shares a tip to help you decide on a MRAD… MORE

AUG 10 2021

Trijicon Tip: First or Second Focal Plane?

John Fink, one of Trijicon’s Product Managers, shares a tip explaining the difference in First Focal… MORE

AUG 10 2021

Trijicon Tip: Verifying Your Target With Electro Optics

Daron Cruickshank shares a tip on verifying your target with Trijicon Electro Optics MORE

AUG 02 2021

Left or Right? by Larry Weishuhn

There simply was no way as a right-hand shooter I could bring my dad’s .30-30 Winchester far… MORE

JUL 20 2021

Trijicon Tip: Dry Fire

Dave Fulson shares a tip on the advantage of dry fire to ensure you don’t miss your… MORE

JUL 13 2021

Hoggin’ Time by Larry Weishuhn

Growing up in the country many years ago when cooler weather arrived during the fall… MORE

JUL 08 2021

Shot of a Lifetime: Cape Buffalo

What’s your shot of a lifetime? Watch as Tim Herald hunts cape buffalo. MORE

JUL 06 2021

Trijicon Tip: Magnifications as You Move

Don’t risk missing that monster buck by having your magnification set too high. Dave Fulson shares a… MORE

JUL 02 2021

Booking an Outfitted Hunt by Tim Herald

I could literally write a book on how to book a hunt. To condense this… MORE

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