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JUN 07 2022

Trijicon Tip: Recoil

Before you go after big game, make sure you shoot a cartridge where you can… MORE

JUN 01 2022

Life is a Boar by Larry Weishuhn

“Just a few more steps in this direction…” I hoped I had not whispered too loudly. The red dot of my… MORE

MAY 24 2022

Trijicon Tip: Choosing a Riflescope for Big Game and Plains Game

Looking for the best scope to use on safari? Dave Fulson shares his recommendation for… MORE

MAY 13 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Best Of Season 13

Some of Blake Barnett's best moments from this past hunting season. MORE

MAY 10 2022

Trijicon Tip: Using a Bipod to Increase Accuracy and Stabilize Your Rifle

Looking to increase your accuracy while stabilizing your rifle? Dave Fulson breaks down why to… MORE

MAY 06 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Mother’s Day Out

Blake Barnett's mother Debbie sets out for a South Texas whitetail buck. MORE

MAY 02 2022

Shot of a Lifetime: Hunting Kudu with Ben Baker

Kudos on the one-shot Kudu. MORE

APR 22 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Win Some And Lose Some

South Texas is loaded with whitetail deer. A full moon makes a for a tough… MORE

APR 19 2022

Trijicon Tip: Late Season Turkey Hunting

Who’s still hunting turkeys? Jimmy Sites has some late season tips to help you be successful! MORE

APR 15 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Trijicon’s Drop Tine

South Texas. Trijicon’s Ryan Wood takes a South Texas whitetail buck of a lifetime. MORE

APR 11 2022

Bushbuck;The Whitetail of Africa

No doubt Africa’s dangerous game is my greatest hunting passion, and maybe even obsession, but hunting the… MORE

APR 06 2022

Spring in the Sierra Madres

Taking the four subspecies of wild turkey that commonly live in the US, (Osceola, Rio… MORE

APR 05 2022

Trijicon Tip: Variable Scopes Part 2

Ready for all of your hunting trips, a 2.5-12.5 variable power scope empowers you for… MORE

APR 01 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Trans Pecos Chaps

West Texas. Blake Barnett takes on the Glass Mountains for a big aoudad ram. MORE

MAR 30 2022

On the Road for Roe

While Spring may not yet have sprung, it is indeed right around the corner! Time… MORE

MAR 29 2022

Trijicon Tip: Turkey Decoys

Are you using decoys for your hunt? Tim Herald breaks down his decoy process so… MORE

MAR 25 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Rattled Up at the Lowrance Pt.2

After passing on a some bucks previously, Blake returns to the Lowrance Ranch during the… MORE

MAR 18 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Rattled Up at the Lowrance

Blake Barnett rattles up and encounters many bucks on the historic Lowrance Ranch in North Texas. MORE

MAR 18 2022

Shooting Running Game by Larry Weishuhn

Have you ever shot running game? I shouldered my Remington .22 rimfire, placed the front bead… MORE

MAR 15 2022

Trijicon Tip: Ground Blind Turkey Hunting

Before turkey season gets here, check out Tim Herald’s tip on not being seen while in your… MORE

MAR 11 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Conservation Success! Oryx Style

Larry Weishuhn, also known as “Mr. Whitetail,” hunts for the beautiful Scimitar Oryx in South Texas MORE

MAR 04 2022

Trailing The Hunter’s Moon — Speed Goats of the Trans Pecos

The Chihuahuan Desert stretches through West Texas and is part of the largest desert in… MORE

MAR 01 2022

Traveling Hunters in Today’s World

We are fast approaching the two-year anniversary of when the world changed as far as… MORE

FEB 25 2022

Trailing the Hunter’s Moon - Return to Marathon

After an initial unsuccessful but exciting trip to Marathon, Blake returns to the area in… MORE

FEB 22 2022

Trijicon Tip: Serious Shots

Thinking about a guided hunt this year? Dave Fulson shares a tip to make sure… MORE

FEB 17 2022

Trailing the Hunter’s Moon - A Beary Close Call

Blake Barnett travels to British Columbia to hunt the American Black Bear. Having experienced many… MORE

FEB 09 2022

Tough Hunts by Larry Weishuhn

Have you been on a guided hunt? Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishuhn breaks down common misconceptions… MORE

FEB 08 2022

Trijicon Tip: Variable Power Scopes Part 1

What’s the best power to set your riflescope for a hunt? Tim Herald has a tip to… MORE

JAN 29 2022

Meat Week 2022: Lanny Oakley’s Wild Game Hors D’oeuvres

We couldn’t hold back so here is one more recipe to close out Meat Week 2022! Show… MORE

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JAN 28 2022

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