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FEB 21 2024

Trijicon Tip - Shooting Position

Get a steady shot, no matter where you are, with this shooting position. Here’s Dave Fulson with… MORE

MAY 24 2022

Trijicon Tip: Choosing a Riflescope for Big Game and Plains Game

Looking for the best scope to use on safari? Dave Fulson shares his recommendation for… MORE

MAY 10 2022

Trijicon Tip: Using a Bipod to Increase Accuracy and Stabilize Your Rifle

Looking to increase your accuracy while stabilizing your rifle? Dave Fulson breaks down why to… MORE

FEB 22 2022

Trijicon Tip: Serious Shots

Thinking about a guided hunt this year? Dave Fulson shares a tip to make sure… MORE

DEC 14 2021

Trijicon Tip: Alaska Proof

Trijicon riflescopes are developed based on our battle-tested technologies so that you can trust your… MORE

OCT 19 2021

Trijicon Tip: Follow up Shots in the Field

Dave Fulson shares a tip to help you be prepared for your follow-up shots in… MORE

OCT 05 2021

Trijicon Tip: Monster Buck Ready, Even in Low Visibility

Dave Fulson shares a tip on how you can ensure that you are prepared for… MORE

AUG 24 2021

Trijicon Tip: The Chicken Wing

Dave Fulson of Safari Classics shares a tip to increase your stability and accuracy in… MORE

JUL 20 2021

Trijicon Tip: Dry Fire

Dave Fulson shares a tip on the advantage of dry fire to ensure you don’t miss your… MORE

JUL 06 2021

Trijicon Tip: Magnifications as You Move

Don’t risk missing that monster buck by having your magnification set too high. Dave Fulson shares a… MORE

JUN 22 2021

Trijicon Tip: Tools of the Trade

Dave Fulson shares a tip so that a loose screw never costs you while on… MORE

JUN 08 2021

Trijicon Tip: Extended Range Shots on the Hunt

Dave Fulson shares a tip on ensuring you are prepared for an ethical long-range shot… MORE

MAY 25 2021

Trijicon Tip:Choosing the Right Optic for Any Big Game

Ready for any light condition and any game, Dave Fulson of Safari Classics shares a… MORE

APR 20 2021

Trijicon Tip: Train to Ensure Success in the Field

“What do rookie football players and serious hunters have in common?” Dave Fulson shares how to train to… MORE

JAN 19 2021

Trijicon Tip: Improve your Accuracy with Shooting Sticks

Dave Fulson, Host of Trijicon World of Sports Afield, shares a tip on increasing your… MORE

JAN 05 2021

Trijicon Tip: Overcoming a Missed Shot

Missing a shot is inevitable. Check out Dave Fulson’s thoughts on how to be prepared to… MORE

MAY 05 2020

Trijicon Tips: Dave Fulson Shares A Tip About Hunting Whitetail

Dave Fulson shares a tip about whitetail deer hunting MORE

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