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FEB 01 2024

Team Trijicon Stage - 3 Man 3 Gun Competition

Hand slaps and steel taps. A great stage from Team Trijicon! MORE

NOV 23 2021

Trijicon Tip: Shooting on the Move

Lanny Oakley is back with a tip on how to be more efficient while shooting… MORE

OCT 08 2021

Trick Shots with Lanny Oakley

When you turn your training regimen upside down. MORE

MAY 17 2021

Jay Carillo Reviews the Trijicon Credo 1-8x28

Interested in 3-gun? Find out why Jay Carillo runs the Trijicon Credo for his matches. MORE

MAY 11 2021

Trijicon Tip: Shotgun Activated Clay Targets

Matt Koopikka shares a tip on how to time activated clay targets. MORE

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