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Trijicon Hunting Optics in the Field

I just wrapped up an amazing big game hunting year and would have never been as successful without my Trijicon AccuPoint. From a warm dusty Antelope plain hunt in wyoming in September with a 253 yard dead hold vital shot kill to a windy, snowy, cold, high elevation mule deer buck hunt with a 470 yard solid vital shot kill at 8448 feet elevation. My Trijicon proved itself in all elements and performed to perfection. I experienced no fogging on the glass, the elevation turret tracked perfectly, the green mildot helped with visability, power availability was awesome, and last but least the glass was crystal clear.

Chris Hansen Farmington, Utah
Product Used: Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50


Thank you for building such an excellent product. Your AccuPoint is unlike anything I've ever used and I must tell you I'm impressed. Last fall when this 170 inch whitetail appeared along Montana's Yellowstone River bottom the AccuPoint was perfect!

Steve Gruber Perry, Michigan

The AccuPoint scopes' superior reticle design really performs its best while hunting. I shot three whitetail deer using the AccuPoint. I found target acquisition was fast--or faster-- than all other scopes I've used. That trait proved beneficial in scoping herds of deer where shot timing was short and critical.

While sighting in, the scope tracked perfect and was very responsive. Running the scope up and down its variable power range, point-of-impact remained the same.

Peering through that tube--the eye affixes naturally to the triangle reticle at the same time the triangle's point centers on the kill zone. This scope is fast and precise. When combined with an accurate rifle, the system is deadly on game.

Corey Graff Appleton, Wisconsin

I just got home from a wild boar hunt in Vermont. I hunted with a Marlin 450 CAL. topped with the TR-21. I can not begin to tell you how pleased I was with this scope, it is everything you say in your ads and more. I was in bright sunlight and the boar went up the side of a hill that was all wooded. The scope not only let me follow the boar up the hill easily by keeping both eyes open, but let me zero in on the boars vitals instantly as it stopped on the hill for a few seconds making it a one shot kill. My hunting partner had a similar shot with a scope costing twice as much and had a very difficult time trying to place his shot(black crosshairs on a black boar on a dark background). Thank you for making a great and easy to use scope, you have a customer for life.

William Perine Warwick, New York


I am pleased to report that during my hunt in Romania, I shot a beautiful trophy chamois with one shot delivered with the help of your AccuPoint riflescope.

The chamois I shot was approximately 300 meters ahead and above me in the cliffs. When I raised my rifle the bright amber triangle that constitutes the aiming point in the AccuPoint quickly found the target. It seems to do so automatically under any light conditions. Holding a moving target seems easier than with conventional reticles.

The Trijicon AccuPoint is as simple to mount, adjust and work with as any of the top quality scopes on the market.

Theodore Siouris New York, New York

Mere words can hardly express my gratitude for the Trijicon AccuPoint Amber 3-9x40mm riflescope you provided to me to make my Freedom Safari possible. The trip to Botswana was the greatest experience of my life and would not have been possible without your generous support. Your scope was vital for my success in the safari and I'll remain eternally in your debt for your heartfelt support. 

I found hunting in Botswana very challenging and I am happy to report I harvested some fine animals to include a Warthog (30 yards), Blue Wildebeest (100 yards), Zebra (90 yards), Kudu (21 yards) and a couple of Impalas (120 & 50 yards). All of which were taken using your exceptional AccuPoint riflescope. You truly helped me achieve a hunter's dream come true. To hunt the free ranging, fair chase, plains game of Africa and to honor the memory of two dear friends! 

Your AccuPoint scope performed flawlessly and maintained zero in the most arduous travel conditions possible and while mounted on .300 Remington Ultra Magnum receiver. It was a dream to acquire instant shot placement in various light conditions and with the various foliage encountered in Africa. The AccuPoint ensured certain success and proved to be a fatal combination on my Remington Model 700 APR. I've found a trusted name in Trijicon as a career Marine and Soldier and now as an international hunter in Africa, I can think of no other riflescope I'd trust my life on. 

Joseph A. Tormala Chassell, Michigan
September 21, 2010 - Dear Freedom Safari Sponsor, 

Returned from Africa Saturday afternoon. Hunted in the Kwa Zula Natal Province of Eastern South Africa first in quest of a good Nyala to complete my spiral horn collection. Made a 290 yard one shot kill across a valley after sitting in the sun sweating for 2.5 hours. Finaly he showed his vitals as he stepped out from behind a bush. The combination of the Accupoint Scope and my trusty 17-year-old .300 Jarrett loaded with 200 grain Trophy Bonded Bearclaws provided all the confidence I needed to make a clean one shot kill on the animal. Gold medal nonetheless! A couple days later I took a high top Black Wildebeest at 250 yards. Once shot. Toward the end of the my South African safari, beings we were not seeing the holy grail of Kudu, (a 60" model), I shot a Red Hartebeest at 220 yards, walking. All of the above were ranged by a laser by my PH, so I know the distances. I then traveled to Namibia for a 14 day leopard hunt and a couple other animals. As it turned out, Mr. Spots did not cooperate so did not score on the leopard. I did take a huge old Hartmann's Mountain Zebra and what we think is a top 10 Steenbok in Namibia however. Plus a Hartebeest and Oryx meat bull for "staff meat". End result, I made seven one shot kills on big game. 

The 2.5x10 Accupoint Scope was outstanding in every way. Accurate, rugged, bright, clear. My PH's could not believe the accuracy and effectiveness of my shooting. As I told them...I attribute it to doing my homework, selecting the best gear, the best bullets, the best rifle and the best optics...and then practicing shooting off hand, from sticks and from a rest. It paid off.

Richard Sanders Prescott, Wisconsin

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