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Stories from the Shooting Community

Just letting you know how impressed we are with your night sights. We have had installed on my wife’s Glock 27. In fact, so impressed, that it has changed my mind on all other sights (and I say this with a heavy heart I have always used your competitors and I will not say any names because they also make really nice night sights), but after buying my wife the Trijicon HD, all I can say is I have missed out and been mislead. You guys have put together one awesome product I just can’t say enough about these HD sights. We are now saving our money to get our other handgun swapped over to all Trijicon. We are so stoked to be a part of the Trijicon family!!!!!!

Tony Hightower—Oxford, Georgia

After a year of throwing my rifle in dump barrels and running down trails with it slung on my back during 3-gun matches I am happy to say the Trijicon AccuPoint held up amazingly well and didn't lose its zero once. This optic has ran well for me in all different kinds of matches from long range to super-fast short range shooting. Its quick lever helps me change the power on the move if I need to transition from close to far or far to close. Plus, it has a battery-free illuminated reticle that not only allows me to see the reticle in almost any light, but you don't have to worry about a battery dying on you during a stage.

Lanny Barnes—Colorado

"I recently purchased the 4 16x50 AccuPower Scope for my rifle, and it is quite an amazing optic. Very clear at all distances I shot. Great product."

Johnny Ray—Hutto, Texas

I am a gun store owner in Waterloo Iowa. I recently had a [pistol] blow up in my hands due to a factory round being double charged. I had one of your RMRs mounted on it and it held up flawlessly. The gun flew out of my hands when it exploded and landed on the optic. Not only did your optic hold up to the blast and drop, but it also held zero when I mounted it on my new [pistol]! I was absolutely amazed that the optic took the blast so well!  I just wanted to reach out and share my experience because I was so impressed with how well that RMR performed!

Elliot Halsch — Waterloo, Iowa


I bought a Glock 43x with factory night sights and noticed that I was having a difficult time picking up the front sight when target shooting. Glock night sights are good sights and I had no trouble shooting them on my Glock 19x. The 43x being smaller probably contributed to my problem. I purchased trijicon HDXR night sights and noticed an immediate difference! The thinner front post and orange front sight enabled me to correct the left-right problem I was having ( I never had a problem up-down). Thank you Trijicon for an excellent product!!

I have been using the VCOG on a high end AR platform for a year now and it is the ultimate. I always shoot with both eyes open, and to have more that just a reflex sight and still be able to shoot with both eyes open give me the advantage I need. No wonder our military uses it. The Trijicon VCOG is an amazing technologically advanced tool.

Jackson Walker, DVM—Anderson, South Carolina


We went out this last weekend to shoot and we all were very impressed with the glass, quality, and ease of use when sighting in. I was really impressed with the TR24G. I appreciate the innovation and quality Trijicon represents and look forward to many future purchases of Trijicon products.

Patrick Petersen—Lake Stevens, Washington


I tried a friend’s SRO and liked it so much I ran to Sportsman’s Warehouse and bought two of them! I have been using them for the past 6 months and I truly love them!

Neil S

Let me express my appreciation to you for making such fine products. I have 6 different weapons equipped with Trijicon sights/optics. In choosing a weapon, I find myself going down the list of criteria that the weapon must meet. Those criteria are ever changing, depending upon the environment in which I will be operating. The one constant on every weapon I use is the manufacturer of the sights on that weapon. That manufacturer has always been Trijicon. I have never had cause to question the quality and workmanship of a Trijicon sight or optic. My life has depended upon my being able to accurately fire my weapon in almost total darkness. Not having to worry about seeing the "dot" is a benefit only appreciated by those of us who have been in a no/low light altercation. Thank you.

M. Sanders—Tennessee

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