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Real Stories of the Trijicon ACOG®



"Hello, my names Richard Jones and I reside over the other side of the pond in sunny Wales (not much happens here) and I wanted to email you to tell you keep up the good work! Over the years, I have had a few different scopes for sporting and training purposes ranging from Aimpoint, Eotech to yourselves. My last purchase was a Trijicon ACOG, which quickly became my favourite due to simply being an absolute tank. It’s crazy how unparalleled the quality is.

Anyway I felt the need to email you in order to express my utmost thanks for producing such incredible piece of equipment. I gave my scope to my buddy to use when operating in Iraq a while ago and within a week of him being there he was stuck by two 7.62—one hit his vest and other hit the ACOG as he raised his weapon up. The first was stopped by his vest but the second could of easily cost him his life, but the scope was so damn hardy it broke the round against it on the side. He was able to use the scope to fire back and get the hell to safety.

Apart from a ruined scope and, of course, a shaken friend, he is perfectly healthy and most importantly alive. I firmly believe that if it was not for the robustness and quality of the ACOG you guys produced my mate would not be here with me today, and for that I am eternally grateful.

(Though I never tell him, as he cost me my damn scope!). The scope may have been retired following the incident, but its far better than the alternative. I just want to say keep up the sterling work in keeping the boys alive! The scopes you are making are utterly brilliant! All the best!"

Richard Jones
Wales, UK

My first experience with Trijicon was the ACOG® I was issued for my M4 on my first deployment to Iraq with the army. I loved how crisp and clear everything was when looking through the ACOG®and the fact that it survived over 37 IED blasts inside my Humvee. So as soon as we were told we were going home. I placed my order online for a TA01 with a mounted red dot sight to be shipped to my home address for pickup when I got back. I slapped it on my AR15 and zeroed it January 2008; April of 2009, I pulled it off my AR15 and put it on my issued M4 to take back to Iraq with me. It maintained my zero even after switching it to a different rifle.

This second deployment, when I had my personal ACOG, it made me proud and just like its predecessor, survived multiple explosions and even getting blown out of the gunner's turret on my Humvee and run over by another Humvee. Through all of this the only thing that happened to the ACOG® was the little plastic cover for the reflex sight mounted on top was crushed twice, and both times when I contacted Trijicon for a replacement they sent it to me free of charge. No matter where life takes me next, whether I remain in the military until I retire or I move to the LE side of things, or civilian defense... I will never trust my life or my buddies' lives to anything other than a Trijicon. Thank you for making such an outstanding line of products."

Joshua Miles



"I have a Trijicon ACOG® on my M4 in Iraq. I love your product because it is very easy to use not only for long-range shots but for close combat as well. Also, the ACOG is a very rugged piece of equipment; I will never use any other brand of optics on any weapon again. I would like to thank you and everyone at Trijicon for making such an outstanding product."

Andrew Rowe

"The ACOG® mounted on the M16 service rifle has proven to be the biggest improvement in lethality for the Marine infantryman since the introduction of the M1 Garand in World War Two."

Major General J.N. Mattis Commanding General, 1st Marine Division

"I have to say, bar none, this is the best riflescope I have ever fired. I am a squad designated marksman for my unit in Iraq and for the M-16A4 (which I carry) and/or M-4 Carbine it can't be beat. Hopefully I can even put one on my own flat-top AR down the road when my budget allows. Thanks for a great product."

Sergeant Chris Howard
Camp Bucca



"I used a TA31 4x32 for five years while on active duty. I had the same M16 and ACOG® for my first three years of service and it took a lot of abuse and still stayed zeroed even after everything it went through. I only had to adjust zero a few times due to the extreme change in elevations I was in, but the zero did not change by much. During my last two years of service, I had received a brand new one my unit had received and deployed to Afghanistan with an ACOG and M4. I love the optic. Very durable and works in every situation that I have used it in. Anything from house to house to open ground engagements. The sheriff's department I work for now issued me a Colt M4 with an ACOG mounted on it. The first time I saw the rifle with an ACOG on it. I smiled a little because it's a weapons system I am familiar with, and it had an optic that I know will hold up against anything that it would be exposed to."

Brian Scearse

"I joined the USMC in 2005 and had an ACOG®issued to me when I deployed my first time to Iraq in 2006. It saw combat, IEDs, mortar attacks and was still dead on every time. Not only does it hold a great zero, but these combat optics made observing potential IEDs and enemy activity with some standoff distance possible. I just bought my own USMC RCO for my M4, and I can tell you now it will never come off my rifle!"

Derek Beyer



"This is my first tour in Baghdad, Iraq. We run the PSD missions, and as the rules of engagement change, the enemies never do. We're required to have PID and nothing makes it easier than having a combat optic. Thanks to your ACOG®, our squad saved one IP (Iraqi Police) and escorted another to safety. Since then, I've convinced 12 others in my unit to buy their own ACOGs. No compromises. Hooah!

I've been nominated for a Meritorious Service Medal for my actions saving the Iraqi Police that day. I would like to thank your products again."

Steve Urquidez

"My name is SSG James Nance. I am a full-time North Carolina Army National Guardsman. I was issued and used the TA31F ACOG® on my M4 carbine during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was by far the best optic sight I ever used on the M16 series of rifles. It was lightweight, rugged and easy to use. And stayed zeroed after rough handling. If I should happen to deploy again, I sure hope our unit will be able to get more. When we got back from Iraq, we had to turn over all optics, night sights, M4's and M16A4's to another Guard Unit to use. I sure hope the ACOG I used is helping someone else now, but I sure miss it."

SSG James E. Nance Jr.



"I received these parts promptly, and would like to thank you and your company for the quality of your products and for the quality of your customer service.

An ACOG is as close to bullet-proof as it gets. No other scope even comes close.

Add to that the brightest glass—absolutely stunning images from such a small package(!)—and you have a world‑class capability!

To be fair, my problems were soldier-induced lost parts (on a scavenge operation). Yet still, you sent out the needed of charge! That is standing behind a product "above and beyond the call of duty."

And that is why I will do business with your company on a personal level from now on. You stood by me as a soldier---now I will stand by you as a loyal customer. My ACOG® TSN is now back on my M4A1, and has done two missions since. I would not want to leave the wire without my Trijicon-equipped carbine. It hits exactly where I aim, always!"

Major Mahon
U.S. Army

"I have been in the Army going on 30 years. I have seen the Army purchase lots of new equipment but the best was our ACOGs. It is a great asset to us. It brings a lot of my soldiers home to their families."

David Ehrman

"I am currently deployed to Tallil AB Iraq and I was issued an ACOG® TA01NSN. I am a designated marksman and responsible for engaging targets from a distance for the safety of my troops. This scope is tougher than my M4 and is accurate right out of the box up to 600 meters. It also has zero parallax. Hands down the best piece of equipment issued next to GORE-TEX®. Thank you for creating a durable and accurate piece of equipment. It saves a lot of lives by allowing us to reach out and touch someone quickly and accurately."

Mathew M.


"First off I just want to say that the ACOG® has made eliminating a threat very easy. My father bought an ACOG for my M16 before I deployed three months ago. Recently I was involved in an IED explosion and my ACOG and my weapon were destroyed. It was so tough that it pretty much saved my leg from being blown off. I just wanted to thank you for making such a high-quality product—more importantly, a lifesaver."

Jonathan Carroll

"I can't speak highly enough of this scope. It has been strapped to my leg through 37 airborne operations, 7 fast ropes in the mountains of the Korengal Valley and hundreds of combat patrols with zero failure. Thank you for such a great product."

Staff Sergeant Donovan Burson
Pathfinder Company


"For one year, I used the Trijicon ACOG® on my M4 rifle in the Afghanistan mountains and would like to tell you how great an optic it is. During my tour overseas, I climbed mountains, walked through village and city streets and was a gunner atop my MATV truck, and my ACOG was always with me. My ACOG took one hell of a beating over there, and every time I went back to base and checked my zero, it was always right on. I sighted it in when I was first issued it and never had to make an adjustment afterwards. Thank you for making a product I can truly say I trusted my life with, the Trijicon ACOG."

U.S. Army


"I am the commander of the Charlestown Police Special Response Team. I am contacting you to thank you for making the ACOG®, we use these on our M4s. These things will take a beating and keep a zero. We use your night sights on our handguns and they never fade over time. Thanks—your products allow us to do our job day or night and we rely on them with confidence."

Sergeant Dana Coleman


"After a thorough competitive evaluation process, the ACOG® was the best fit for our department. We are confident that the TA44 will reliably serve our troopers in the years to come."

Colonel C.R. "Jay" Smithers

"First, let me say how happy I was we had Trijicon® scopes on all our weapons during the storm [Hurricane Katrina]. When all your spare batteries are under four feet of water, it was one thing I did not have to sweat. We were also operating in what could only be described as a "maritime" environment. Scopes were submerged in highly corrosive water every day and not one failed due to this. Not one of your scopes failed at all during this operation. I had plenty to think and worry about, so not having to worry about your product was a great relief.

Jim O'Hern

"The ACOG® sight is used on entry weapons for our department’s SWAT Team. I have used it for several years now and have found it to be the best sight I have ever used. Speed and accuracy are instantly improved once our shooters use the sight."

Mike Jenkins


"I was shooting my AR-15 with my ACOG® scope on it 18 May 01. I was checking it out and making sure it was on target before my 3-gun series that coming weekend. I fired my weapon at the range of 200 yards. Then unloaded it and walked down range to check out my shooting pattern. After checking out my target, I was walking back and a 25-mile hour gust of wind knocked my weapon off the bench. My AR-15 went falling to the ground.

The ACOG scope took the main impact. It fell about four feet to the ground. So, I walked up to my rifle and picked it up. Looked at it and it had two little dings on the scope from the concrete, located by the fiber optics. So then, I thought that my lenses would be broken. So, I looked through the scope and they were fine. Then I decided to go ahead and shoot my rifle. As I sent some rounds down range. I found that my scope was right on target at 50, 100, 200 and 250 yards. I have owned my ACOG for nine months, and it is the most outstanding scope I have ever owned. I would highly recommend this scope to all my friends and anyone else."

Johny Dolan

"I purchased the ACOG® 3.5x35 scope dual-illuminated red chevron product, sighted for a .308 use in the U.S. Army. Quality at its best. I mounted it on a Springfield M1A 7.62 51mm and I found that the glass and point of aim are perfect for coyote hunting."

Tim Pearson


"Just wanted to let you know you have another EOTech convert. I took my buddy out for some shooting school with my suppressed AR and ACOG® TA33R-8. He was going to show me how it was done with his EOTech. After his 15 bull's-eyes out of 80, to my 80 out of 80 bull's-eyes, he climbed behind my weapon and shot 80 out of 80 in the 10 ring!!! He took off the EOTech and asked where to get an ACOG and which model I was using. He is purchasing one today!!! We shot yesterday. There is no match for the ACOG, period!"

David Heuring

"I just recently purchased the ACOG® 4x32 TA01NSN and mounted on my M&P15T and all I can say is wow, what a great sight. I had it zeroed at 100m in less than 10 shots. Then I shot a 5" steel target with the remaining 10 rounds I had left in the magazine and hit it all 10 times, no problem. The optics are just as clear or clearer than any high-end scope I have ever owned. It makes me feel good knowing our boys are using this sight over in the sandbox because I know it gives them a great advantage over our enemies. God Bless the USA!!"

Paul Hayden

"Winner of the Iron Man 3-Gun Games. That Iron Man was one heck of a match—1,021 rounds with 6 different guns. The interesting part of the story is that the TA11 was put on the morning of the match. I had never shot one before. I broke the Burris that I was going to use the night before. That caused some stress! They let me get a rough sight-in on the first stage, and I ended up winning 8 of the 10 stages."

Matt Burkett


"The ACOG® is also built like a tank, which is barely an exaggeration. In fact, in Iraq, one of these optics took an AK round and saved the Marine using it. The clincher? The optic kept working. ACOGs are remarkably durable. From the first time you handle one, you can feel its quality in the hand. The fit and finish is remarkable, and even with years of abuse, holds up."

Rifle Optics World


"The greatest battle sight ever. The toughest battle sight ever."

Guns & Ammo

"2010 Golden Bullseye Award for Best Optic"

National Rifle Association


"How do you take an optical legend and make it better?  The simple answer is adding more capability.  When the ability comes from battlefield feedback, it carries the weight of real-world application. Trijicon did just that, with their 3.5x35 LED ACOG®."


"It’s easier to break rocks than an ACOG®. Trust us, we’ve tried."


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