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Earth Day 2021 – Restore Our Earth by Larry Weishuhn

Earth Day 2021 – Restore Our Earth

by Larry Weishuhn

Looking for someone who truly cares about wildlife be it game, non-game; terrestrial, aerial or water-bound, and their habitat. Easy….look for someone who hunts or fishes. There is no greater true lover of wildlife, habitat and the desire to restore our Earth so it supports not only wildlife of all types, vegetation, clean non-polluted water or air, than those who love hunting, fishing and the outdoor lifestyle! Nor will you find anyone who goes to greater lengths and depths to financially support wildlife and their habitat than those who hunt and fish. They truly care about the animals and where they live. They understand humans too, are a part of the environment and ecosystem!

Doubt it? Who was it that asked to be required to have a license to hunt, fish, even trap other than the outdoorsman/sportsman and sportswomen? Who was it that asked to have taxes levied on hunting related items such as firearms and ammunition other than hunters, or, a tax on fishing equipment in the case of those who fish? Have you ever heard a non-hunter or fisher person ask to be taxed to enjoy the outdoors? Hmmmm?

Who has supported not only game animal research but bore the weight of paying to assure non-game species including those threatened because of habitat loss and changes in expanding human habitation habits have a place to live, breed and perpetuate their own kind? Hunters and fisherman have borne the cost of not only the management of animals and fish they pursue and consume, but also those which are threatened because of land changes and urban sprawl. Here in the States were it not for the money provided through the Dingall-Johnson Act, in terms of aquatic species, and the Pittman-Robertson Act in terms of terrestrial wildlife, because hunters and fishers asked to be taxed to support wildlife that flies, swims and walks on land, there would be little wildlife in the USA, other than perhaps a few insects….

Conservation is the wise use of animals and their habitat. And those who pursue them are the most knowledgeable, the greatest and best managers. 

In Nature there is little use for emotions. 

“Life on Earth Depends Upon the DEATH of Another Organism!” either directly or indirectly. Those who only eat vegetation including seeds and fruits kill no less than the carnivores, which feed upon those which primarily eat vegetation. Beans, peas and the like are embryos, which have not yet truly experienced life. When a cow, deer or antelope eats vegetative matter it kills what it eats. Birds which eat insects and seeds, herbivores which consume vegetative matter, kill no less than the tiger, lion, wolf and/or human carnivores. These are simply life-facts. All humans if they live on Earth are directly and indirectly responsible for killing other things so they may continue to live! Pure and simple!

As a wildlife biologist working with land managers/hunters we strive to improve wildlife habitat to “restore the Earth”. We make certain game species do not over-populate and destroy their habitat, which destroys habitat for all wildlife. Populations can be restored quickly; habitat restoration takes lifetimes to restore itself! As hunters/conservationists we continually strive to improve wildlife habitat, particularly in terms of a variety of plants. Variety in vegetation greatly improves the habitat for ALL wildlife, from bugs and butterflies to non-game and game birds to game animals. When we improve wildlife habitat for game species all wildlife benefits, and especially and more importantly the habitat benefits, which insures the perpetuation of plants and animals, including humans!

We can never forget the human species too, is a part of the ecosystem and the environment! And, we humans can do much to improve things for plants and animals. Through those who hunt and fish we insure all species will survive, as will their habitat.

It is time for us not only to “restore our Earth” as is touted through Earth Day 2021, but to “restore and improve our Earth”!

Want to make a difference for wildlife and wildlife habitat? Buy a hunting license, a fishing license, buy hunting and fishing equipment, join organizations such as DSC which support wildlife management based on facts and proven techniques which have worked through the ages, and avoid those which suggest we rely only on emotion. For if we do, we will not “Restore Our Earth”, we will destroy what we hold dear!


In summary there’s a lot you can do...

  • Plant flowers that produce pollen or nectar that can be utilized by bees and butterflies
  • Collect seeds from hard and soft mass producing trees and start new plants
  • Fertilize mass producing trees
  • Learning all one can about nature and the relationship with wildlife and wildlife habitat
  • Support conservation efforts



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