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Trijicon® Inc. Expands Popular Q-LOC™ Technology Mounting Systems Offering Modularity and Extreme Durability for any Platform

Trijicon® Inc. Expands Popular Q-LOC™ Technology Mounting Systems Offering Modularity and Extreme Durability for any Platform

Wixom, MI – Trijicon® Inc., global provider of innovative aiming solutions for the hunting, shooting, military, and law enforcement markets, is proud to announce that Trijicon® Q-LOC™ Technology is now available in a full range of mounting solutions to fit nearly any optics platform.

An exciting new system of accessory rings and adapter plates has been developed to work in conjunction with Trijicon Quick Release Ring Mounts featuring Q-LOC™ Technology. The new accessory ring caps (30mm, 34mm, 35mm) and adapter plates allow the user to easily add a secondary optic or other accessory to their platform. This not only saves on rail space, but also allows for a full optics solution on one system. The ambidextrous design allows for mounting accessory plates at a 12 o’clock or left/right 45° offset positions. A picatinny rail option is available for mounting a variety of accessories.

Also launching for 2024 is a full line of Trijicon RMR®cc mounts for picatinny rails and ring caps; as well as an assortment of additional Quick Release Ring Mounts, Bolt Action Mounts, and Cantilever Mounts featuring new heights, ring sizes, and integrated cants.

Designed for the most discerning users, this line of premium specialty mounts features a proprietary design that offers both quick-release and return to zero. Trijicon’s mounts with Q-LOC Technology are offered for Trijicon red dots, thermal optics, and a wide range of riflescopes.

Q-LOC Technology is a patented quick release optics mounting system, featuring multiple proprietary recoil lugs to ensure total rail engagement. Shooters can easily remove and re-attach an optic with a Q-LOC mount without the need to re-confirm zero. Heavy-duty springs enable one-handed operation while also ensuring secure retention under hard and repeated recoil. Q-LOC mounts feature compact, circular knob designs to minimize the hazards of gear snags while also facilitating one-handed mounting and removal.

All Trijicon mounts with Q-LOC Technology are manufactured in the U.S. from 6061-T6 aluminum with precision-cut dimensions to accommodate any platform and ensure optimal placement on MIL-STD 1913, NATO, non-mil spec, and even damaged rails.

Trijicon® Q-LOC™ Technology mounts and accessories:

  • Accessory Ring Caps.  New Trijicon Accessory Ring Caps are available in 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm and are designed to replace the front or rear cap sold with Q-LOC style mounts. Three mounting locations allow red dot or picatinny rail mounting plates to be attached at 12 o-clock or 45° offsets.


  • Adapter Plates. RMR, RMRcc, and picatinny footprint Accessory Ring Plates are designed to mount to Accessory Ring Caps sold for Q-LOC style mounts. Plates can be mounted at the 12 o-clock location for heads up shooting or 45° for close range shooting through adjusters. Accessory Ring Plates are available in low, med, and high thicknesses for optimal balance, optic position, and adjuster accessibility.


  • Ring Mounts. Built for 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm tube optics and designed to keep the optic as low as possible for hunting and long-range precision rifle applications.  Designed specifically for variable power optics, these rings are perfect for mounting Trijicon optics with an array of objective sizes.


  • Bolt Action Mounts. Suitable for bolt action, lever action, pump action, autoloader, and single shot rifles with a scope rail, the Q-LOC Technology Bolt Action Mount is optimized for proper eye alignment on these rifle platforms. Bolt Action Mounts are available in two heights to accommodate scope objective lenses with sizes less than 42mm (1.06 in. height), up to 44mm (1.125 in. height). Models accommodate both 30mm and 34mm tube scopes.


  • Cantilever Mounts. Designed with the perfect dimensions for optimal eye alignment on AR platform rifles, Cantilever Mounts are positioned higher than Bolt Action models for a proper AR cheek weld. 30mm and 34mm mounts are available in 1.535 in., 1.590 in., and 1.93 in. heights to accommodate all riflescope objective sizes. The 1.535 in. Cantilever Mount is suitable for use with most clip-on thermal devices. 35mm mounts are available in 1.70 in. height.


  • ACOG® / VCOG® / Trijicon® Electro Optics Mounts. Engineered for both the Compact and standard-size Trijicon ACOG®, as well as the Trijicon VCOG®, this family of mounts provides an optical axis height of 1.535 in., ideal for clip-on devices. The latest Trijicon REAP-IR® and IR-HUNTER® thermal optic models are also equipped with these quick-release mounts. The new Trijicon ACOG Extra High Mount with Trijicon Q-LOC Technology is designed specifically for heads-up shooting with the Trijicon ACOG.


  • Red Dot Mounts. Available in Low, Full Co-Witness, Lower 1/3 Co-Witness, and 45 Degree Offset, this family of mounts is specifically designed for the Trijicon RMR®, RMR®HD, RCRTM, RMR®cc, SRO®, and MRO® families of red dot sights. For Full Co-Witness models, the backup iron sights and the red dot align to create the sight picture when looking through the center of the optic. When looking through the center of the optic with the Lower 1/3 Co-Witness mount, the backup iron sights will appear in the lower portion of the sight picture. Finally, the 45 Degree Offset mounts provide users with a low-profile and ambidextrous mounting solution for backup red dots.

For more information on Trijicon Q-LOC Technology, please visit or contact Trijicon, Inc. at 49385 Shafer Ave., Wixom, MI 48393 • Telephone: (248) 960-7700 • Follow @Trijicon on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube

For media inquiries and hi-res images, please contact Eddie Stevenson at or visit

About Trijicon, Inc.

Trijicon, Inc. has led the industry in the development of superior any-light aiming systems since the company’s founding in 1981. Incorporating four decades of innovation, Trijicon’s riflescopes and sights are the most advanced aiming systems available today. For more information on the company’s complete array of Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for tactical and sporting applications, visit or call (248) 960-7700. Follow @Trijicon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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