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Trijicon TriPower® FAQ's

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The aiming chevron of my TriPower seems very dim. Could the tritium be dead?

The primary source of illumination in the TriPower optic is the integrated fiber optic system. The tritium-illumination feature serves as a secondary source of illumination and functions best in very dim (dawn/dusk) or completely dark lighting conditions.

To test the illumination through the fiber optics, make sure nothing is covering the fiber optic coil on the top of the TriPower. Under normal lighting conditions, the red chevron should be clearly visible if the fiber optics is working properly.

To test the illumination of the tritium, take your TriPower into a completely dark room. Allow your eyes fully adjust to the darkness before looking through the scope at the chevron point.

If the chevron is not clearly visible in either test, please contact Trijicon for a Return Authorization Number and return the optic to us for evaluation.

I can't find the TriPower on your website, has it been discontinued?

The TriPower has been phased out of the Trijicon product line. Our newer red dot products such as the RMR and SRS are excellent replacements for the TriPower.

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