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Trijicon SRS® FAQ's

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Why do I see a reflection of a square around the dot in the SRS at certain times?

The appearance of internal optic reflections under certain lighting conditions is a common issue amongst all reflex-style red-dot sights, to varying degrees. The unique optical design and geometry of the SRS provides for a shorter optic with a wider field of view (for a given eye relief and target range) than any other comparable red-dot sight on the market. One trade-off from these functional advances is an increased propensity for internal optic reflections when the SRS is oriented at a specific angle toward the sun.

Will the SRS sight illuminate without a battery installed?

The Trijicon SRS® LED reticle illumination is provided by a combination of power from the integrated solar cell and one (1) AA battery. The electronics utilize all available current from the solar cell, and the AA battery provides any supplemental current required to illuminate the LED to the user-selected brightness setting. The solar cell will significantly increase the SRS® battery life when the optic is used in outdoor, daylight conditions. In certain conditions, the LED will illuminate in the SRS® without a battery installed. However, it is necessary that a battery always be installed and the battery cap tightened (to provide proper contacts), to energize the system during power-up and to ensure the LED remains illuminated during changing ambient light conditions. Please refer to the Operators Manual for minimum battery life expectancy.

Why is my SRS dot not lighting up?

Please ensure that a battery is installed correctly and that the battery cap is tightened (to provide proper contacts) for operation. To turn on, press both the brightness buttons and hold for three to five seconds. If you still can't see the dot, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-338-0563 or complete and submit the form on our Contact Us page.

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