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Trijicon SRO® FAQ's

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What are the advantages of the Trijicon SRO™?

The Trijicon SRO™ is specifically designed for pistol use. The wide field of view and clean, crisp dot makes it easy for users to find and track the dot in both target and competitive shooting applications, helping improve shooting accuracy. Every SRO™ features both manual and automatic LED brightness modes and a 3-year battery life.

Will the Trijicon SRO™ fit on my pistol?

In most cases, yes. The SRO™ shares the same mounting footprint as the industry leading Trijicon RMR®. Most guns that accept the RMR® will also accept the SRO™. Be sure that the front of the SRO does not overhang the breach face/ejection port of your pistol.

What parts are needed to mount the Trijicon SRO™ on my Glock® MOS?

Mounting the SRO™ on a Glock® MOS will require special length fasteners, part number AC32085.

What is the difference a conventional pistol red dot sight and the Trijicon SRO™?

The SRO™ is specially designed to withstand the rigors of pistol recoil, and its large, clear lens and circular field of view make finding and tracking the dot during recoil much easier. The SRO also features a top-loading battery, and a brightness Lock-In feature that allows the user to set the SRO dot brightness to their desired setting.

How durable is the Trijicon SRO™?

The SRO™ is designed to survive the rigors of slide ride pistols and is engineered for hard use. It shares a similar electronics design with the proven Trijicon RMR. Like the RMR, the SRO is forged from 7075, T-6 aircraft grade aluminum, making it much more durable than conventional red dot sights. The forged housing protects the lenses and electronics, and it has been tested to survive typical pistol-mounted drops.

How do I put the Trijicon SRO™ into Button Lock-Out mode?

To place the SRO™ into Button Lock-Out mode:
  1. The SRO™ must be turned off with a battery installed.
  2. Press and hold both buttons for at least three seconds and the SRO™ will power up in automatic mode with manual brightness settings locked out.
  3. To regain manual adjustment, press and hold both buttons for at least three seconds to shut off the SRO™.
  4. Press either the “-” or “+” button to turn on the SRO™ in the default automatic mode. You will now have the ability to adjust the brightness manually with subsequent presses of a button.

How do I put the Trijicon SRO™ into Manual Brightness Lock-In Mode?

To place the SRO™ into Manual Brightness Lock-In Mode:

  1. The SRO™ must be on and not in Button Lock-Out mode.
  2. Manually select the desired brightness setting by pushing either the + or - button. Once the desired setting is selected, press and hold either button for 3 seconds. The dot will blink accepting the brightness level and will then lock in that setting. (The 16.5-hour timer will be turned off and the SRO™ will stay in that brightness setting until the battery is depleted or the unit is taken back to manual mode by the user).
  3. To change Lock-In settings, press and hold both buttons for 1 second to return to manual control. Repeat step 2.

The Trijicon SRO™ has an automatic mode, how long before it resets?

The reset timer for the SRO™ is approximately 16 hours. After 16 hours of no button pushes, the optic will automatically adjust the brightness of the dot to match current lighting conditions. This feature will save battery life in dark storage, while still providing the user with an aiming solution.


The dot in my Trijicon SRO™ is not illuminating, what should I do?

This can happen if the battery and battery cap are not installed properly of are loose. Check that the battery cap is not cross-threaded and that the cap is firmly tightened down. If the problem persists, try changing to a fresh CR2032 battery. Also ensure the battery is in the correct orientation with the cap. The positive side of the battery should face the cap.

Note that the night-vision settings will not be visible without night vision goggles, and the lowest day settings may be difficult to see in bright conditions. Settings 1 and 2 are night-vision compatible and settings 3-8 are daylight visible depending on the ambient and target lighting. The optic powers up in automatic mode, so the user should be able to see the dot once battery power is supplied.

Does the SRO™ fit existing RMR® mounts?

Yes, the SRO™ can be directly mounted to most RMR® footprint mounts, as long as there is clearance in front of the optic to other sighting systems or obstructions. The user should ensure the proper length screws are used for their mounting solution. #6-32 flat head torx cap screws 1/2” long are supplied. However, other lengths may be required for your application.

Will the Trijicon SRO™ work on a rifle or shotgun?

Yes, the SRO™ will work on a rifle or shotgun similar to other red dot optics. If mounting the SRO™ to an AR-style rifle and you choose to use back-up iron sights, the existing Trijicon RMR®/SRO™ mounts will cause the dot to be slightly higher in the field of view than standard Full Co-Witness or Lower 1/3rd Co-Witness heights.

Does the Trijicon SRO™ come with different reticle sizes or colors?

The SRO™ is available in three red dot sizes of 1.0 MOA, 2.5 MOA, and 5.0 MOA.

Which Trijicon SRO™ reticle is right for me?

For many users. the small and precise 1.0 MOA dot is preferred for use target pistol application or applications where increased accuracy at distance is needed. The 2.5 MOA dot is the most popular and can be used in a wide variety of pistol and other shooting applications such as target shooting, or plinking. The 5.0 MOA dot is best for applications in which speed and recovery of the dot is critical such as in competitive shooting.

Will a pistol mounted with the Trijicon SRO™ fit in my holster?

In most cases, a pistol mounted with the SRO™ will continue to work in existing open top holsters. However, in some cases, the forward projection of the SRO lens will cause the gun/optic to not seat fully into the holster. We suggest that, with the pistol unloaded and the magazine removed, that users check the pistol/optic fit to be sure that the holster continues to function as designed.

Does the Trijicon SRO™ require a sealing plate?

No, the SRO™ is a fully sealed optic and does not require an additional sealing plate for mounting.

How should I clean the lens of my Trijicon SRO™ sight?

We suggest that you use compressed air to remove any large debris to avoid scratching the lens. Once clear of debris, use an ordinary glass cleaner. It is important to avoid using any strong solvents like lacquer thinner or bore cleaner near the lens, as they will damage the lens coatings. Use of a motorized polishing device on the lens will also cause damage to the unit’s lens.

Is the Trijicon SRO™ waterproof?

The SRO™ is rated to a depth of 10 feet (3 meters) for one hour.

Does the Trijicon SRO™ have any parallax?

Like all reflex-style optics, the Trijicon SRO™ is parallax-free when the dot and target are reasonably well centered in the optic's field-of-view. When the reticle and target are substantially off-axis, users may observe a minimal amount of parallax.

What is the battery life of the Trijicon SRO™?

The battery life has been tested to provide over three years of “continuously on” power in normal operating conditions. Extreme high and low temperatures and using higher brightness settings will shorten the battery life.

Note: Using the Brightness Lock-In mode shuts off the timer, and users will not benefit the timer function’s preservation of battery life.

What tool should I use to adjust the zero of the Trijicon SRO™?

We recommend a small flat head screwdriver as the best tool; however, a penny or dime also works well. In the field or at the range, the rim of a casing can also be used.

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