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Trijicon® Reflex FAQ's

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Can I change the reticle in my Reflex?

The reticle can be changed, however, it costs more than buying a new Reflex.

Did Trijicon make a change to the coating of the Reflex housing?

Yes, in August 2011, we changed the coating on the Trijicon Reflex as part of a product improvement initiative. The current Reflex sights will have a black finish, while the older Reflex has more of a grey finish. Even though the color is different, both sights are authentic Trijicon Reflex sights. 

Does the Cerakote™ paint used on Trijicon products have slight variations in color from one optic to another?

Yes, as with all paint processes, Cerakote is created in batches. One batch can be slightly darker or lighter than another. One batch may have a bit more gloss than the other. This is due to the way the paint is processed and a very slight variation in the mix can cause slight variations in color or gloss.
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