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Trijicon RedDot™ FAQ's

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Can I use my Docter pistol mount with my new Trijicon RMR® optic?

While the Docter and the Trijicon RMR® appear to be similar, they actually have different footprints therefore different mounts are required for these sights.

What is the MOA of the Trijicon RedDot™?

The Trijicon RedDot™ has an 8 MOA version (MS03) and a 4 MOA version (MS04). The Docter brand Micro Red Dot sight. Docter sights have a 3.5 MOA dot (MS01) and a 7 MOA dot (MS02).

I seem to be running out of elevation while attempting to zero the Trijicon RedDot™ on my ACOG®. Any suggestions?

If you have a Trijicon RedDot sight attached to an ACOG, you may find that a 1 degree shim (available from Trijicon by contacting Customer Service) will be helpful in assuring that there is sufficient elevation adjustment when zeroing the RedDot at 100 meters and less.

How should I clean the lens of my Trijicon RedDot™ sight?

We suggest that you used compressed air to remove any large debris to avoid scratching the lens. Once clear of debris, use an ordinary glass cleaner or car wax. A mild plastic polish will remove minor swirl type scratching. It is important to avoid the use of any strong solvents like lacquer thinner or bore cleaner near the lens as they will damage the lens coatings. Use of a motorized polishing device on the lens will also cause damage to the unit’s lens.

My RedDot™ is not illuminated, what should I do?

If the red dot in the sight is not lighting up, the problem could be that the battery contact is bent or out of place. To fix this problem follow these steps: If the reticle is not illuminating (See FIGURE 1), then remove the optic from mount to expose the battery area. Remove battery and look to see if the bottom contact is bent down (See FIGURE 2). Bend lower contact upward so that it comes in contact with the battery when the battery is inserted (See FIGURE 3). Replace battery and check that the reticle is now illuminated (FIGURE 4). If performing these steps does not resolve the problem please contact our customer service department toll-free at 1-800-338-0563 or (248) 960-7700.

What is the RedDot™ battery life?

The MS03 and MS04 models are rated at two years typical use and up to 4 years in dark storage.
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