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Trijicon RMR® FAQ's

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What are the Differences between the RMR Type 1 (Original) and the NEW Type 2 RMR?

The New RMR Type 2 has redesigned and upgraded electronics which have proven through extensive testing to properly function when mounted on slide ride pistol and/ or all other small arms. Also included in the new RMR Type 2 are button lock out mode and battery saving features, which make this optic ideal for concealed carry and law enforcement use. 

How do I put the Adjustable LED RMR Type 2 into button lockout mode?

To place the NEW Adjustable LED RMR Type 2 into button lock out mode follow these steps.
  1. The RMR Type 2 must be turned off with battery installed.
  2. Press and hold both buttons for at least three seconds and the RMR Type 2 will power up in automatic mode with manual brightness settings locked out.
  3. To regain manual adjustment, press and hold both buttons for at least three seconds to shut off the RMR Type 2
  4. Press either the “-” or “+” button to turn RMR Type 2 on into the default automatic mode. You will now have the ability to adjust the brightness manually.

The NEW Adjustable LED RMR Type 2 has an automatic mode; how long before it resets?

The reset timer for the new RMR is approximately 16 hours. After 16 hours of no button pushes the optic will automatically adjust the brightness of the dot to match current lighting conditions. This feature will save battery life in dark storage but never deprive the shooter of an aiming solution.  

Does the RMR Type 2 fit the old RMR mounts and holsters?

Yes, the new RMR Type 2 has identical physical dimensions and mounting foot print to that of the original RMR.  

Does the new RMR Type 2 come with different reticle sizes or colors?

The new RMR Type 2 is offered with the same reticles and colors are the original RMR line up.  

Does the new RMR Type 2 have better battery life?

Yes, through the use of the automatic battery conservation mode the optic has the ability to dim the dot when not in use or in dark storage. The feature automatically begins after more than 16 hours passing without a button push.  

I used an “anti-flicker” sealing plate from a different manufacturer for my RMR Type 1. 
  Can I continue to use this plate with the new RMR Type 2?

Trijicon strongly recommends that users do not use sealing plates that include a raised surface with the new RMR Type 2. The “bump” in these style plates can potentially crush the RMR Type 2’s redesigned electronics. The upgraded RMR Type 2 has been designed so that it functions without the need for an anti-flicker sealing plate. (Trijicon’s RM63 sealing plate does not have a raised surface and is compatible with the RMR Type 2).  

What is the MOA of the Trijicon RMR?

The Trijicon RMR is available in three models with different reticle patterns.  The first RMR model is the LED version.  This comes in a 3.25 MOA Red Dot (RM01) and a 6.5 MOA Red Dot (RM02).  The second RMR model is the Dual-Illuminated version.  There are currently four reticles available for this model: a 13.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM03), a 7.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM04), a 9.0 MOA Amber Dot (RM05), and a 12.9 MOA Amber Triangle (RM08).  The last model available is the Adjustable LED version.  This comes in a 1.0 MOA Red Dot (RM09-C-700304), a 3.25 MOA Red Dot (RM06) and a 6.5 MOA Red Dot (RM07). 

Which reticle is right for me?

LED & Adjustable LED: In both battery powered RMR models we offer three dot sizes. A small 1.0 MOA dot for precision shooting, typically for rifles and target pistols. A 3.25 MOA dot which is the most popular for pistol, shotgun, hunting, and plinking. Lastly, a 6.5 MOA dot that is best used in self-defense pistol and shotgun applications. All three dot sizes are compatible with night vision devices with the 3.25 dot size being the most popular.

Dual Illuminated: In the battery free Dual-Illuminated family we offer green and amber reticle colors. In green, we offer a 9.0 MOA dot and a 12.9 MOA triangle. The green triangle can be used in two unique ways: the tip of the triangle offers a fine aiming solution for precision shooting or shooting at distance, or the entire reticle can be used for rapid acquisition in close shooting situations, making this optic our most popular in the Dual Illuminated family. In the amber color, we also offer the 9.0 MOA dot and 12.9 triangle, in addition to a 7.0 MOA dot and 13.0 MOA dot. The 7.0 MOA Amber dot is popular for those wanting a finer aiming point. These reticle options have been popular choices when mounting to an ACOG as a secondary aiming solution. The U.S. Marine Corps chose the 9.0 MOA dot for use in both the SDO and MDO optics programs.

How should I clean the lens of my Trijicon RMR sight?

We suggest that you used compressed air to remove any large debris to avoid scratching the lens. Once clear of debris, use an ordinary glass cleaner or car wax. A mild plastic polish will remove minor swirl type scratching. It is important to avoid the use of any strong solvents like lacquer thinner or bore cleaner near the lens as they will damage the lens coatings. Use of a motorized polishing device on the lens will also cause damage to the unit’s lens.

Is the Trijicon RMR waterproof?

All RMR's are rated to pressures equivalent to depths of 66 feet/20 meters.

Why is the new RMR lens bluer than the previous version?

The coating is to maximize the efficiency of reflecting the LED's wavelength resulting in a longer battery life.

What is the Dual Illuminated RMR battery life?

The RM03, RM04, RM05 and RM08 are battery-free.  The illumination sources for the reticles inside the Dual-Illuminated RMR are tritium and fiber optics.

What is the Adjustable LED RMR battery life?

The RM06 and RM07 battery should last four years of continual use at brightness setting #4. When left on at the brightest setting (brightness setting #8), the battery should last around 25 days.

What is the LED RMR battery life?

The RM01 and RM02 models are rated at two years typical use.

Does the Cerakote™ paint used on Trijicon products have slight variations in color from one optic to another?

Yes, as with all paint processes, Cerakote is created in batches. One batch can be slightly darker or lighter than another. One batch may have a bit more gloss than the other. This is due to the way the paint is processed and a very slight variation in the mix can cause slight variations in color or gloss.

When should the RMR sealing plate be used?

The RMR sealing plate should be used if ANY of the following are true:

1. Mounting surface is interrupted, or
2. Mounting surface has through features, or
3. Mount surface does not fully encompass sealing boundary


What parts are needed to mount an RMR on my Glock® MOS?

To mount an RMR on the Glock® MOS pistol, a Trijicon RMR Mounting kit (AC32064) is required. This part is not included with the RMR or the Glock® MOS.
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