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Trijicon MGRS® FAQ's

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Why are there Picatinny rails on top and on the right and not on the left?

The 1913 Picatinny rail section are included to allow the user to attach secondary devices such as Range Finders, IR illuminators, lights etc.

What is the knob on the back of the MGRS?

The knob is a distance adjustment knob to accurately shoot at long distances.

Is the hole on the right side to drain water that gets into the compartment?

Yes the hole on the right side on the optic about 1/3rd down is to aid in the clearing and cleaning of the optic from water and debris that may fall into the path of the LED reticle.

What are the sizes of the 3 hex key sockets (top / medium, side / big, battery /small)?

1/8” for upper and side Picatinny rails, 3/32 for lower housing, and 3/8” for lower sides.

Which direction does the battery go in?

The battery goes in nose end (positive end) first.

How long does the battery last?

The MGRS LED 35MOA illuminated reticle will last 4000 hours on setting 2 and 1000 hours on setting 4.

How long is the warranty?

The MGRS has a 5 year warranty from the date of manufacture.

Does the MGRS use tritium or fiber optic?

Neither. The MGRS is illuminated by a CR123A battery.

Is the MGRS magnified?

No, the MGRS is a reflex sight and is therefore not magnified.

Are there reticle options for the MGRS?

Currently the MGRS is offered with only a 35 MOA segmented circle with a 3 MOA dot.

What is the MOA adjustment per click?

The MGRS has an adjustment of 1 MOA per 1 click.

What is the field of view for the MGRS?

The MGRS offers a very ample 2” by 3” viewing area.

What type of battery does the MGRS take?

The MGRS uses a CR123A style battery.

Does the magnifier come included with the MGRS?

The magnifier comes included with the MGRS part number MGRS-D-2300005.

Is the MGRS available in Cerakote Flat Dark Earth or OD Green?

At this time the MGRS is only available in black.

Is the MGRS waterproof?

Yes the MGRS is Dry Nitrogen filled and is waterproof to 6.6 ft. (2m).

How many brightness settings does the MGRS have?

The MGRS has 2 Night Vision settings, 5 Day settings including 1 super-bright setting. “Off” positions are included both below the minimum brightness setting and between Night Vision 2 and Day Setting 1.

What type of machine gun works with the MGRS?

The MGRS was made for the M2 .50 caliber, and M240 7.62 caliber machine guns. The machine gun needs to have 10” of 1913 Picatinny rail space.

Is the MGRS made in the USA?

Yes, the MGRS is made and assembled in the USA.



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