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Trijicon HD™ Night Sights FAQ's

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Can I use my Glock factory front sight set screw with my Trijicon night sights?

No. All Trijicon night sights for Glock pistols come with a proprietary set screw to ensure there is no damage to the tritium lamp in the front sight during the installation process.

What is the benefit of the Trijicon HD™ Night Sights?

Trijicon’s internal testing has shown that most users are appreciably (10%-30%) faster getting center-mass hits on a target with the HD™ Night Sights than with standard pistol sights.  Our data shows this regardless of the user’s current proficiency level in pistol shooting, and is due to the ability to obtain a faster focus on the front sight of the HD Night Sights.

What is photoluminescent paint?

Photoluminescent paint is often referred to as “Glow Paint” or “Glow-in-the-dark” paint.  The paint has a unique property which allows it to absorb light from a multitude of sources and then releases the light, causing a glow-in-the-dark effect when in a darker area.  Sources that can “charge” the photoluminescent paint include the sun, fluorescent light and LED flashlight.

How long does the photoluminescent paint glow on the front sight?

This varies based on previous light exposure type and duration.  The duration of visibility for various conditions are as follows:

Light Exposure Type "Charge"
Length of Time
Yellow Paint Glows
Length of Time
Orange Paint Glows
Full Sunlight 5 Minutes 13 Minutes 6 Minutes
Indoor Fluorescent Lighting 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 5 Minutes
LED Flashlight 15 Seconds 7 Minutes 4 Minutes

Note that the perceived “glow” time will vary amongst different users based on their own eye-adaptation to light. The glow will be most significant during the first half of the above listed durations.

The sight was designed so that the short-term glow of the photoluminescence paint would aid in transitional lighting situations (such as when immediately entering a dark room from a lighted environment). The tritium lamps provide a long-term glow.

Why does the yellow glow longer than orange?

This is due to the nature of the light absorption/reflection properties of the respective paint color pigments.

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