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Trijicon® Fiber Sights FAQ's

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How do I install a replacement fiber rod on my Trijicon Fiber Sights?

Please click the following link to see a short video outlining the steps for replacing the fiber rod on your Trijicon Fiber Sight. For more detailed information, please see the instructions and installation tips below.

Fiber Installation Instructions:
1. Create a Fiber ‘bulb’ at one end of the fiber using a butane lighter.
2. Insert this fiber into the sight so that the user will view the bulb just created.
3. Hold or pull the fiber so that the bulb is tightly in the counterbore. Cut fiber to length, approx. 1/16” past end of sight.
4. Create a Fiber ‘bulb’ at the other end of the fiber using a butane lighter, so that it is retained in the sight.

Installation Tips:
Fiber ‘bulb’ not large enough on either end. This will allow fiber to be pushed free from metal or lost during pistol recoil.

Fiber ‘bulb’ off axis to fiber shaft on aiming end. This may lead to POA/POI discrepancies or aesthetic issues.
This can also happen if the fiber was not cut square to axis when the bulb was formed.

Fiber ‘bulb’ overheated on aiming end. This will cause the fiber material to ‘boil’ and leave bubbles in the finished surface. This will leave dark obstructions, which will reduce the brightness of the dot and cause aesthetic issues.

Fiber not held tightly into sight when second fiber ‘bulb’ formed. This will allow the fiber to float axially during recoil and cause premature fiber breakage.

Can the Trijicon Fiber Sights be ordered with the green fiber installed from the factory?

No. Based on user feedback through out product development process, the Trijicon Fiber Sights will only be shipped with red fiber installed. All sight sets and front sights will come with red and green replacement fibers and instructions on how to replace the fiber can be found on the inside of the backer card.

Can the Trijicon Fiber rear sight be used with any other Trijicon Night Sight products?

Yes. The Trijicon Fiber rear sight can be used with the corresponding Trijicon HD XR night sight front.

Can the Trijicon Fiber front and rear sights be purchased individually?

Yes. The Trijicon Fiber front and rear sights can be purchased individually. Please call our customer service for availability, and pricing.

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