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Trijicon® Night Sights FAQ's

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Can I use my Glock factory front sight set screw with my Trijicon night sights?

No. All Trijicon night sights for Glock pistols come with a proprietary set screw to ensure there is no damage to the tritium lamp in the front sight during the installation process.

Can Trijicon install night sights on my weapon? Do I send my whole gun or just the slide?

Yes. Trijicon can install our replacement sights on weapons listed in our price sheet. If your handgun is a Semi-automatic you only need to send in the slide. Only the frame needs to be sent for Revolvers. Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-338-0563 for shipping instructions and pricing information or submit a Return Authorization Request by clicking here.

Do you offer different colored night sights?

Yes. Trijicon offers the choice of yellow or orange lamps in the rear sight only. We always keep the front sight green because it is the brightest and longest lasting of the colored tritium. It is also the color with the most contrast from muzzle flash. Green and yellow sights are warranted for 12 years. The orange lamp only carries a 5 year warranty.

Is there an additional charge for different colors?

There is no additional cost for different colored lamps.

The warranty on my night sights has expired. Can I get them recharged?

Tritium can not be 'recharged', however, we can replace the lamps for a nominal fee. Please contact our Customer Service Department for return and payment instructions or submit a Return Authorization Request by clicking here.

What solvents can I use to clean my sights?

Care should be taken to avoid prolonged contact of solvents on sight surfaces. Some synthetic and organic cleaning agents can affect the painted finish of Trijicon Night Sights. Immersing sights for an extended period of time in solvents may loosen some adhesive bonds. Sights can be cleaned with water by simply using a damp cloth followed by wiping with a dry cloth.

I do not see my model gun on your product list. Do you carry night sights for it?

If your gun is not listed, please contact our recommended specialty shop to do an installation with our tritium lamps. Tooltech Gunsight will be able to quote prices, options and turnaround time. Visit Tooltech's website for contact information by clicking here.

Will the standard Colt sets work on the Springfield handguns?

Springfield has been using Trijicon as their night sight supplier. We are installing our lamps into their parts. You can check with Springfield for availablity at 309-944-5631. Our CA01 set can be installed if the front hole is opened to .125 wide.

I have a Para Ordnance. Do you have night sights for it?

Many of the Para Ordnance guns will take our standard Colt sets.

Para Ordnance P10 will take our CA01 set
Para Ordnance P12 will take our CA09 set
Para Ordnance P13 will take our CA10 set
Para Ordnance P14 will take our CA01 set

The limited and dovetail front versions are custom installations, which can be done at Tooltech Gunsight.

How can I tell if I have genuine Trijicon® brand night sights?

Trijicon produces night sights and also acts as an original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) by performing tritium lamp installations for many other sight companies and firearms manufacturers. All sighting systems that contain Trijicon brand tritium lamps are clearly marked with the “Trijicon®" brand. Other markings include a two digit date code, which reflects the year of manufacture, and the periodic symbol for tritium, “H3”.

I have a pistol slide, revolver, or other firearm with fixed iron sights, can you install
  Trijicon tritium sources into my sight(s)?


Tritium is a radioactive isotope that is regulated by the U.S. NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). In accordance with Trijicon’s radiation safety program and ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) contamination / exposure principles, we will not perform tritium source installation into firearms or pistol slides with integral fixed sights. This is intended to protect our customers from the potential situation in which a source could become broken and not be repairable / returnable. We are actively looking into alternative solutions for this need.

If you have a firearm with a non-removable sight that requires repair, or have other questions, please contact Trijicon’s Technical Support with any questions by calling toll free at 1-800-338-0563, or 1-248-960-7700.


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