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Trijicon AccuPower® FAQ's

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What is the battery life on the AccuPower?

All models feature at least 31 hours of battery life at the highest brightness setting.

What is the difference between the AccuPoint and AccuPower?

Both the AccuPoint and AccuPower are made of the same durable housing, the internal components are just different. The AccuPoint is a dual illuminated scope with fiber optics and tritium while the AccuPower is an LED illuminated scope powered by a CR2032 battery. The AccuPower retails for a couple hundred dollars less than the AccuPoints, but offers some new reticle designs. They are both waterproof.

How many brightness settings on the AccuPower?

There are 11 brightness settings on each AccuPower model.

What is the warranty on the AccuPower seeing as how it has a battery?

The AccuPower features our same limited lifetime warranty to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Electronics are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during normal use for a period of five (5) years from date of original manufacture.

Is the AccuPower daylight bright?

Yes. Users may find that red or green illumination is more appropriate for their specific environment. Extremely bright conditions often require a higher illumination setting, and users may find that the perceived illumination is somewhat muted. Users will find that the AccuPoint® and ACOG® riflescopes provide the most “daylight bright” reticles. However, regardless of illumination setting, the user always has an aiming solution with the etched AccuPower reticle.

Some of the illumination "spills over" beyond the segmented circle. Is this normal?

Yes. This effect is common to all LED-illuminated riflescopes. Users are most likely to notice this indoors on a higher illumination setting. Users are unlikely to notice the spillover when outdoors and in “real world” conditions.

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