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Trijicon AccuPoint® FAQ's

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What are the different sizes of AccuPoint Riflescopes?

We currently offer the following scopes with a one-inch tube:

  • 3-9x40

We also offer the following scopes with a 30mm tube:

  • 1-4x24
  • 1-6x24
  • 2.5-10x56
  • 2.5-12.5x42
  • 5-20x50

My AccuPoint scope with crosshair reticle doesn't seem to be all that bright. Is this normal?

The dot size in the crosshair reticle scopes were designed to give a very precise aiming dot in conjunction with a crosshair –style reticle.  The dot size is engineered to meet this objective and is essentially the thickness of the crosshair wire itself.  Additionally, the nature of the fiber optic used in the AccuPoint products is such that the reticle illumination is maximized when exposed to the natural light spectrum.  Reticle brightness will be lessened when viewed with artificial lighting – especially fluorescent lighting.  Viewing the scope in low light levels of natural sunlight, such as outdoors during an overcast morning or evening, will show much improved reticle illumination compared to what maybe observed indoors.  In total dark conditions, the tritium light source will provide energy to make the aiming dot visible to the night-adjusted eye.

Why did you change the fiber dial on the new AccuPoints? Is it better than the old style?

The new models required more lenses, so we had to accommodate for less space in the eyepiece. Therefore we didn’t have room to wrap the fiber around the eyepiece like our original AccuPoint design. There is no advantage or disadvantage in comparison to the old style; they both have the same brightness.

What is the difference between the AccuPoint and AccuPower?

Both the AccuPoint and AccuPower are made of the same durable housing, the internal components are just different. The AccuPoint is a dual illuminated scope with fiber optics and tritium while the AccuPower is an LED illuminated scope powered by a CR2032 battery. The AccuPower retails for a couple hundred dollars less than the AccuPoints, but offers some new reticle designs. They are both waterproof.

Can you put ACOG reticles in the AccuPoints?

No, the technology won’t allow it with the way the reticle is assembled for the AccuPoints because of the way the fiber illuminates the reticle within a riflescope. However, we are able to do this with the AccuPower because it’s battery powered. We are offering a BDC reticle in the 1-4x24 model.

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