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RM01-C-700602: Trijicon RMR® Type 2 LED Sight - 3.25 MOA Red Dot w/RM34 Picatinny Rail Mount

Available Accessories:
AC31015: RMR Tenebraex® ARD - Dual Illuminated
AC32053: RMR®/SRO™ Mounting Adapter for 1-6x24 VCOG®
AC32054: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for H&K. 45/P30
AC32055: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for Beretta 90-TWO/96
AC32058: RMR®/SRO™  Pistol Mount for 1911 Novak Cut - .248
AC32059: Lightweight Picatinny Rail Mount Adapter for Trijicon RMR®/SRO™ - 1/3 Lower Cowitness
AC32060: RMR®/SRO™ Carry Handle RMR Mount
AC32062: Colt Knob Picatinny Rail Mount Adapter for Trijicon RMR®/SRO™ - 1/3 Lower Cowitnesss
AC32064: Trijicon RMR®/SRO™ Mounting Kit
Fits Glock® MOS and Springfield OSP Models
AC32066: 45° Rail Offset Adapter for Trijicon RMR®/SRO™
RM33: Picatinny Rail Mount Adapter for RMR®/SRO™ — Low Profile
RM34: Picatinny Rail Mount Adapter for RMR®/SRO™ — Colt Knob Thumb Screw
RM34W: Weaver Rail Mount Adapter for RMR®/SRO™ — Colt Thumb Screw
RM35: RMR Mount for 3.5x, 4x and 5.5x ACOG Models with boss
RM36: RMR Mount for 1.5x, 2x & 3x ACOG Models without bosses
RM37: RMR®/SRO™ Adapter Plate for Docter Mounts (MS10, MS15 & MS39)
RM43: RMR®/SRO™ Adapter Plate for RedDot™ Mounts (MS12, MS19-MS26, MS29, MS33 & MS41)
RM44: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for All Glock® Models (not including Glock® MOS slides).
RM45: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for Smith & Wesson® M&P
RM46: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for S&W Large Frame Revolver
(K, F, L, H, N, G and X) 
RM48: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for Springfield® XD / XD(M)
RM50: RMR®/SRO™ Pistol Mount for Sig Sauer®
RM54: RMR Mount for 3x24 and 3x30 Compact ACOG® with bosses, 3.5x35 LED ACOG, and ACOG models equipped with backup iron sights.
RM56: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for Sako Custom Rifle
RM57: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for Custom Rifles w/ 11-12mm Ribs
RM58: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for Custom Rifles w/ 14-16mm Ribs
RM59: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for "Gunsmith-to-fit" Blank Hooks
RM60: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for Blaser Custom Rifle
RM61: RMR®/SRO™ Quick Release Mount
RM62: RMR®/SRO™ Steel Block Mount for Custom Shaping
RM63: RMR Mount Sealing Plate
RM64: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for 1 in. Riflescope
RM65: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for 30mm Riflescope
RM66: RMR®/SRO™ Mount for 4x32 LED ACOG®

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