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The Science of Brilliant.®

6 x 48

    Trijicon CCAS®  

The Trijicon CCAS accurately computes a corrected aiming point based on current
environmental conditions using known ballistic equations instead of the common
G1 table averages typically used by the majority of ballistic modeling programs. The
CCAS calculates for pressure, angle, range and movement of the target, automatically
adjusting for changes in relation to the zeroing set-up to provide updated aiming
solutions. With the capability of supporting multiple weapons and multiple projectiles
per weapon it provides increased first round hit capabilities. The CCAS replaces the
necessity for advanced marksmanship skills such as range estimation, windage
adjustment and angle of fire adjustment.


Ballistically Corrected Reticle

Automatically Calculates
Multiple Ballistic Factors

Integrated 1550NM Laser Range Finder

Manual Input Ballistic Options

Programmable to Weapon & Projectile Options

Significantly Increases Probability
of First-Round Hits

Military-Grade Aluminum-Alloy Housing

Waterproof to 20 Meters (66 ft.)


Download CCAS Spec Sheet (582 KB)

       * For direct sales to governments and municipallities only.

      ** This product is subject to export controls administered by the U.S. Department of State in accordance with the International Traffic 
      in Arms Regulations (ITAR) per Title 22 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 121-128. Export of this product without prior authorization
      from the U.S. Department of State is prohibited. For more information, please contact the Trijicon Export Compliance Team at 248-960-7700
      or exportcompliance@trijicon.com

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