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The 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship Crowns the
“Undisputed World Champion”

September 18, 2014 -

This past weekend, 159 male and female competitive shooters from around the world journeyed to the Peacemaker National Training Center to participate in twelve different shooting events over four grueling days of competition. Matches uniquely combined pistol, rifle, shotgun and combined shooting sections, challenging even the most experienced firearms competitors.

The NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division assisted with rules and scoring of the match with the assistance of the Peacemaker National Training Center match staff. Awards were presented as follows:



Trijicon World Shooting Champion SSG Daniel Horner $50,000
2nd Place Overall Champion Bruce Piatt $3,000 & Beretta DT11
(Overall Value $16,000)
3rd Place Overall Winner Jerry Miculek $2,000 & Alexander Arms
.338 Ulfberht
(Overall Value $12,000)
4th Place Overall Winner Bryan Nelson $1,000 & ArmaLite
M153G w/ VCOG
(Overall Value $6,000)
High Lady Shooter Lena Miculek $5,000
Segment 1: Pistol Champion BJ Norris $5,000
Segment 2: Rifle Champion Daniel Horner $5,000
Segment 3: Shotgun Champion Bruce Piatt $5,000
Segment 4: Combined Champion Jerry Miculek $5,000
High Junior Champion Bryan Nelson $1,000
Stage 1: Bianchi Cup Pistol Champion Greg Jordan $1,000
Stage 2: USPSA Pistol Champion BJ Norris $1,000
Stage 4: 3-Gun Champion Dave Sevigny $1,000
Stage 5: F-Class Rifle Champion SSgt Jonathan Shue 1,000 NRA Points
Stage 6: .22 Rimfire Champion John Chambers $1,000
Stage 7: 5-Stand Shotgun Champion Bruce Piatt $1,000
Stage 8: Wobble Trap Doubles Champion Daniel Horner $1,000
Stage 9: Practical Shotgun Champion Bryan Nelson $1,000
Stage 10: NRA Action Rifle Champion Daniel Horner $1,000
Stage 11: Cowboy Action Champion Tyler Renville $1,000
Stage 12: PRS 2-Gun Champion Greg Jordan $1,000
Side Match 1: ArmaLite Rifle Champion Jerry Miculek $1,000
Side Match 2: IDPA Pistol Champion Eric Katzenberg $1,000
Side Match 3: Long Range Champion Brock Markwell $1,000
Side Match 4: SilencerCo Quick & Quiet Champion BJ Norris $1,000 & Noveske Rifle
w/ SilencerCo SAKER

For the full list of official results for the 2014 World Shooting Championship please visit: https://practiscore.com/twsc/index.php.


Images from the event are posted to Trijicon’s Flickr account at https://www.flickr.com/photos/trijicon/sets.
All images are free to use.

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