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Jon Copeland
Just wanted to say thanks for making an excellent and TOUGH product. After a match on Saturday, my gun bag zipper died and dropped my AR-15 four feet to the concrete. The impact point was the top of my RX06 reflex sight. Just took it to the range today and it works fine. Didn't even have to adjust the zero. The sight has been going strong for 15+ years even after the latest abuse.
Thanks again, Jon

A Serviceman's Father Texas
I have no doubt that this sight aided my son in coming home safely from two tours in Iraq. According to my son this sight allowed him to consistently "out-shoot" every one in his group. My son is in the 101 Airborne 377 FA (Air Assault). Many of the soldiers that saw him shoot called home and ordered the same sight

Gerald Austin Hudson, New York
I thank you all for your consideration in making my hunt very successful. It has worked flawlessly and works the same in bright sunlight or dark cloudy days. I took another turkey yesterday with it. Thanks again.

Forrest Fleming Jeffersonville, Indiana
Several years ago my son wanted a dot-type scope for his AR-15, but he has one minor problem. He is color blind and cannot see red very well and the Tasco PDPII we had was a complete washout.

The use of the yellow/amber Reflex II aiming device is a God-send. My son sees yellow/amber the same as anyone with normal color vision, and the triangle sighting point is as accurate as cross-hairs when need be and as fast as greased lightning when speed is required.

When it came time for me to want a dot-type scope on my SW-45-PDW, your product was chosen without hesitation. Not only for the yellow dot which allows people such as my son to shoot dot-type scopes, but primarily for me because of the always-on, never needs batteries, visible in any light and tough as nails features that give me 100% confidence in the Reflex sighting system.

We have put many thousands of rounds through my son's AR-15 and have never needed to adjust the Reflex II after the initial sighting-in.

Jerome Frost Graham, North Carolina
This scope has been put through hell this year with me. It had it made at the Police Department, until May 2005 when my Field Artillery unit was called up to do a transportation mission. For over a year we drove missions from bases in Kuwait to bases all over Iraq up to the Syrian border. The scope was on My M249. Due to the cramped conditions inside the vehicle and the enviroment that we lived in the scope constantly got beat up. While training up for the mission and during the mission in Iraq there was over 1,200 live rounds and around 3,200 blanks fired out of my M249 while the Reflex scope was mounted on it. My unit liked my reflex because of the weight, size, easy use, and that it did not need batteries. SSG/Det. Jerome Frost A BRTY 5th 113th FA/Graham Police Department Graham, NC

Bob Grueskin Coal Valley, Illinois
Don't let anyone tell you that the Reflex has no sporting applications. For me, it was the most superior turkey sight I could ever imagine. I filled by tag by shooting both birds the same day. Both of my shots were fairly tough: One was early in the morning (quite low lit), and I actually shot the bird out of its roost. That sounds easy, but it wasn't. It was about thirty yards overhead and it was bouncing back and forth between branches and sometimes he was partially obscured by hens, which I didn't want to shoot. So I had a very narrow window of opportunity to shoot him, and I'm not sure I could have done it without the Reflex. It was so cool...I just put the point of the triangle right on the turkey's beak while he was getting ready to jump and I squeezed the trigger. I nailed him good, right in the head and neck. He was dead by the time he hit the ground.

The second shot was later the same day. It was a very long fifty-yard shot across a creek while the bird was moving from left to right. Again, I had a very narrow window of opportunity as bird went from a clump of bushes and towards a tree. If he had made it to the tree, I would have been sunk. But, I did the same thing with the reflex...put the tip of the triangle on his beak, squeezed the trigger, and laid him out flat.

It was pretty impressive and I was thrilled.

Believe me, this is a SUPERIOR turkey sight and I really believe it would be just as good a deer sight on a slug gun or blackpowder gun. And...unless there are mounting issues, it should be an excellent handgun sight for IPSC/USPSA matches. Really...I was so impressed, I can't begin to tell you. Several of the other hunters in camp were equally impressed, and one of them had one of those holographic sights mounted on his shotgun which just didn't compare.

There's definitely a sporting market for the Reflex.

Mike Jenskins Turlock, California
September 21, 2010 - The ACOG sight is used on entry weapons for our department's SWAT Team. I have used it for several years now and have found it to be the best sight I have ever used. Speed and accuracy are instantly improved once our shooters use the sight.

SSG Nathan Purdy
Your Trijicon Reflex sight was the solution to all of my problems. I hate depending on batteries. I hate wondering if my sight will be on when I really need it. I hate wondering if my sight can handle the abuse of combat. I don't do that anymore. This is the only sight I have been 100% confident with. I will be taking your sight to Iraq for a 15 month tour. It will be my second tour and I know how hard the environment can be on weapons systems and sights. I have no doubts. Thank you. SSG Nathan Purdy US Army Germany

Dr. Bill Thorton Cheswick, Pennsylvania
I am a 57-year-old with bifocals. The reflex sight has put a whole new meaning on shooting for me. With my age, I could see the sights or the target but not both. With the reflex, I can now see both. I am about to buy three more Reflex II units for my other guns.

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