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Abner Miranda Ooltewah, Tennessee
Every time I show these optics to people they just look at me with a look of wonder. I showed this to a well renowned instructor, at a class a few months ago. He was unaware of just how versatile the RMR08G is. He thought he was looking at a powered optic. When I pointed out the fact that it runs on fiber optics with a tritium back up for night use, he was actually slack jawed. He then looked a second time through the optic with a new appreciation. I then repeated “and now you see why I refer to this set up as the eternally ready optic. There are no batteries to contend with.

Joe Ban Virginia
After serving 21 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I decided to celebrate my retirement by hunting the formidable Cape Buffalo in Tanzania.

In preparation for the hunt, I researched the proper equipment needed, including rifle and ammunition for various shooting distances. I started by getting my CZ550 rifle customized by American hunting rifle with a custom mount designed for the RMR. After consulting with Trijicon, I chose an adjustable illumination RMR with 3.5 MOA reticle. Similar to combat, hunting these fierce animals can often be reactive, so I estimated the shooting range would be 50 yards or less.

With all gear packed, I headed off to the African continent. We loaded up the Land Cruiser and headed off into the infamous African bush to search for the formidable Cape Buffalo. We hunted on over three million acres with no fences and much to my surprise, there were not herds of buffalo grazing, waiting to be picked off. We had to drive miles and miles and use the skills of our trained trackers to locate these beautiful animals.

After searching all morning, we spotted a herd of 100 buffalo about a mile away and spent two hours stalking up on them. Their senses are much more intelligent than ours, and any little thing out of the ordinary will send them running for miles. Under cover of small trees, we finally glassed the herd to find two dugaboys on the outskirts of the herd, flanking for protection. It seemed the herd did not sense our presence, because they shifted and started towards us. The sun was setting and daylight leaving us quickly, and the herd was close to busting us. Suddenly, the dugaboys sensed something and redirected the herd away from us. I knew this was my chance. The last dugaboy stopped for a brief second to look back over his shoulder in my direction and this is when I took my shot at 267 yards. Even at that long distance in the waning light, the RMR worked incredibly. It was the perfect shot, hitting the buffalo squarely in the shoulder. The big dugaboy ran after he was hit, in the direction of the rest of the herd. My follow-up shot was at 180 yards, which hit an inch above the first shot, proving again that the RMR could take the punishment of a hard hunt and recoil.

A few days later, I went after my second Cape Buffalo. You never know what kind of hunt you will have and I envisioned one similar to that of the first. However, this hunt proved to be even more challenging, because it ended up being a classic Chapstick Death in the Tall Grass hunt.

After tracking for about an hour and a half, we came upon a herd of 30, with the prized buffalo positioned in the middle. We had already been stalking in tall grass and I didn’t think it would or even could get thicker. I saw my opportunity and took my shot at 34 yards. After the shot rang out, the herd bolted, sending clouds of African dust into the air. There was confusion everywhere, as you could hear hooves pounding, while wondering which direction the prized buffalo went, as well as the rest of the herd, amid the concealment of the dust and grass. The chase was on! We ran towards imminent danger, ready to square off with death in the tall grass! We located my buffalo, which was quartered away from me, and I took a second shoulder shot. That tough guy had not had enough, and he retreated into a nearby thicket. We all starred at each other because we were acutely aware that the visibility was zero. And we knew the hunt was by no means over, since now we felt like we were the ones being hunted! After a few minutes of strategizing for safety, the PH signaled one of the trackers to climb a nearby tree to try to locate the buffalo from above. Luckily, he was able to locate the buffalo and advise on best approach. I was confident with the reliability and quick target tracking of the RMR, and we stalked towards the prize. As we came upon him, he had just sighed out his last breath, as he rolled to his side in capitulation. This was largely due to the success of both shots having gone through his lungs and heart. And then I sighed out my breath, which I had been holding in, anticipating a dangerous tété-a-tété with the buffalo.

My best recommendation for dangerous African game is the RMR for close to medium range shooting. With this set up, I was able to shoot with the utmost confidence and accomplish the task at hand, no matter the circumstances. Not only was I successful with this equipment, but the great memories of an unforgettable stalk and hunt will be with me forever.

Robert Bridges Anchorage, Alaska
August 16, 2014 - Chose the RMR dual illuminated reflex sight for my Merkel 470 Nitro Express double rifle. Rugged and light weight, this sight does not affect regulation. Traditional iron sights can be problematic from lighting conditions, age of user and absolute need for split second target acquisition at the most stressful time. I choose the RMR and ditched the Leupold Deltapoint expressly because of rock solid aiming and construction. The Leupold red dot wandered when viewed off axis... while the RMR remained glued to the target. RMR makes the double rifle a real killing instrument I can bet my life on.

Richard Schuck Tallahassee, Florida
July 9, 2012 - I have been using you products for years in many different location and situations. I used rifle mounted scopes, mostly the accue point. Recently I decided to try an rmr for my Glock it increased my speed and accuracy, more than I thought it would. But the thing that I didn't think about was limited visibility situations. While conducting some training a week ago I ran a drill to demonstrate what was expected (night tm maneuver dismounted drills). At the end was a barricade that required the roll-over prone. My primary ran dry and for some reason I decided to transion to my pistol to see how well the site would work..I fired 15 rounds at 4 targets 10 to 15 meters two were elevate and hit 14 out of 15 of the shots. I was wearing PVS-15s and the dot was clear and crisp. I now recommend to any body who may work in these conditions to look into this, I was extremely impressed with the site, rmr 3.25 MOA. Thanks Rick

Mike Lucas Denville, New Jersey
I just wanted to let you know that we ahve recently put into use the RMR Red Dot Led (RM01). I have to say, that we are extremely happy with the product and would recommend it to any agency who is looking for another option. The sight is truly well made and was almost "Dead on" out of the box, which by the way took only a couple shots to get dialed in. The weapons are now purely surgical. Confidence with our M4's among the troop is off the scale. Thanks again for your help.

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