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MK18 with SRS

November 19, 2013 - Running the range with my Colt MK18 and SRS, starting with some dry fire practice.

Trijicon SRS on AR-15

May 20, 2013 - My Trijicon SRS (SRS01) on my Spikes Tactical, Troy Industries Alpha Battle Rail w/ flip up rear and front (HK) sights, BCM Gunfighter Grip, Magpul ACS-L stock.

April 22, 2012 - Coyote taken from a helicopter in Brownfield, TX with a Trijicon SRS.

Sig Sauer 516 PDW with Trijicon SRS

July 5, 2012 - I recently put the new SRS on my 7.5" PDW. It keeps the weapon compact, while offering the viewing area, and "quickness" of the best red dot sights.

I am definitely able to pick up the dot on my SRS faster than my other brand of red dot I had on here. Thanks for making awesome products!


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