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M4 with Trijicon Reflex RX01NSN

October 15, 2018 - 14.5 mostly Bushmaster parts with my favorite sight, the Trijicon Reflex 1x24 RX01NSN

Trijicon Reflex on my KRISS Vector

February 28, 2017 - Couldn't think of a better optic for close-quarter fast target acquisition. So far this optic has been super reliable and accurate. I love the fact that I can shoot with both eyes open. AND the fact that they offer these in all the primary colors is fantastic.

Florida Alligator-Derek Smith

January 17, 2014 - Reeled this fat monster in for 25 minutes then blasted it with the Ruger 77/44. Thanks to the awesome Trijicon scope, perfectly sighted, it only took one shot! These are amazing scopes. Taken with Tom Walker Adventures

Big Longbeards

May 20, 2011 - After a couple misses with the 20, I promoted my boy to the 12. He went 2 for 2 on big longbeards Saturday - both tough, henned up birds. Note the sights!

A day at the range with my RX30

New RX30 close up, right side

New RX30, left side close

Orange Free State South Africa Hunt

John Paul Jones took this Blue Wildebeest at 30 yards using a Trijicon Reflex. During his trip he also took a Blesbuck, a 49 inch Kudu, a Gemsbuck, a Zebra and (pictured below) a 23 inch Impala.

Reflex Aids in Turkey Hunt

Cody Easom of Cody & Cody shot two birds during the Lieutenant Governor's Annual Turkey Hunt this past April 2007. One was taken with a shotgun with the aid of a Trijicon Reflex. The other was harvested with a bow and arrow.

Reflex Hits the Mark While Turkey Hunting

"We had a great opening day as you can see from the pic. The Reflex hit the mark once again. Cody Hughes [pictured in the center] got his turkey with a 35 yard shot." - Steve Easom (C2 Productions)

Reflex Testomonial

"This scope has been put through hell this year with me. It had it made at the Police Department, until May 2005 when my Field Artillery unit was called up to do a transportation mission. For over a year we drove missions from bases in Kuwait to bases all over Iraq up to the Syrian border. The scope was on My M249. Due to the cramped conditions inside the vehicle and the enviroment that we lived in the scope constantly got beat up. While training up for the mission and during the mission in Iraq there was over 1,200 live rounds and around 3,200 blanks fired out of my M249 while the Reflex scope was mounted on it.

My unit liked my reflex because of the weight, size, easy use, and that it did not need batteries.

SSG/Det. Jerome Frost
A BRTY 5th 113th FA/Graham Police Department
Graham, NC


The Reflex (RX06) scored big Today in Waynoka Oklahoma, This Tom came in, flogged the decoy and bang, Game over!

19 1/2 lb., 9 1/4 in Beard, 1 in. Spur.

Cody Hughes

Thanksgiving Time

Here is a picture of the two Fall Turkey's taken, Shotgun with the Reflex (RX06) and Rifle with the AccuPoint. Cody, Zac and Cory in Picture. Cody took his with rifle and Cory took his with the Shotgun.


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