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Best in the West

Best in the West is the largest invitational S.W.A.T. competition in the Western United States. This event is now in its 15th year. Each year, members of the departments Sheriff's Emergency Response Team design, physically construct, and run an intensive two-day, 7-course competition, pitting S.W.A.T. teams from all over the West against each other, in a multi-jurisdictional learning experience unequalled in this part of the country.

Commercial Still: TriPower

November 1, 2006 - This photo was taken during the shooting of Trijicon's commercials. The "actors" are real officers from Detroit, Michigan's SWAT team.

Commercial Still: Night Sights & 2x20 ACOG

November 1, 2006 - The production team filmed all the Law Enforcement scenes from Trijicon's commercial shoot at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Commercial Still: 3x30 ACOG

November 1, 2006 - The officers in this segment of the commercial are using Trijicon's new 3x30 ACOG with the TA87 killFLASH.

Reflex Testomonial

"This scope has been put through hell this year with me. It had it made at the Police Department, until May 2005 when my Field Artillery unit was called up to do a transportation mission. For over a year we drove missions from bases in Kuwait to bases all over Iraq up to the Syrian border. The scope was on My M249. Due to the cramped conditions inside the vehicle and the enviroment that we lived in the scope constantly got beat up. While training up for the mission and during the mission in Iraq there was over 1,200 live rounds and around 3,200 blanks fired out of my M249 while the Reflex scope was mounted on it.

My unit liked my reflex because of the weight, size, easy use, and that it did not need batteries.

SSG/Det. Jerome Frost
A BRTY 5th 113th FA/Graham Police Department
Graham, NC


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