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Extreme Shooter Competition (Italy, 2009)

January 23, 2011 - This is me at my first Extreme Shooter Competition in 2009 (Italy). I was using a Trijicon\'s 1.5x ACOG (Model #: TA44-5) on a Colt AR15 Carbine: Awesome scope fast and accurate that never let me down.

Tough Challange

December 12, 2009 - Blake Manning competed in the Larue Tactical Multi-gun Championship in Millican, TX. This competition was very challenging but Blake came out on top earning the highest scoring Junior position.

"This was my third multi-gun event and was by-far the most difficult to date, but also a lot of fun!"

Opening Weekend

2008 Olympic Team Members Sandy Fong and Jamie Beyerle show off the Trijicon RMR that were used during an event at the opening weekend of the USA Shooting training facility.

Open Division, B Class Champion

Blake Manning traveled to Wichita Falls, TX for the USPSA Area 4 Championships. The weather made for some challenging shooting, but Blake was able to succeed with only one miss during all 11 stages. Congratulations to Blake Manning Open Division, B Class Champion!

Blake Manning

Trijicon is proud to sponsor Blake Manning in the upcoming 3-gun season. Blake has had a very successful 2009 and we hope that his sucess continues through 2010.

Vicki Carlton - High Lady in Tactical

Vicki Carlton at the 2008 DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge. During the now notorious Zombie Stage, Vicki suffered a catastrophic stoppage when a deformed case lodged in the chamber of her JP Rifle. Vicki struggled to clear the spent case until her repeated pounding not only dug a divot, but broke the extractor on her rifle. Vicki's ACOG, a TA01 with a JP Reticle, however, stood up to the impacts and allowed for precise engagements during the rest of the match.

High Overall Tactical Lady

At the CMMG Midwest 3-Gun Championships the Trijicon's 4x32 ACOG (model#: TA01) wins Cheryl Current the "High Overall Tactical Lady" Award!

Roxanna Durham at the MGM Ironman

Roxanna Durham takes another MGM Ironman (IronMaiden) top-gun status in Parma, Idaho, June 2006. This match demanded fast close shots as well as precision long range placement in the same stages. "My TA-11 never let me down," Durham said, "It's the best."

Service Rifle Competitor Uses TA01

Dave using his Colt AR15 with a Trijicon TA01 ACOG mounted on top.

DPMS 3-Gun's High Lady in Tactical Scope Event

Vicki Carlton is engaging long range targets (200+ yards) with her TA01. Vicki's ACOG is mounted on a JP .223 Upper with an 18 inch barrel, firing 77 grain Sierra Match King bullets.

Cheek Proudly Displays USPSA Award

Cheek has won the 2006 SMM-3-Gun High Female (March), 2006 USPSA 3-Gun High Female (July) and the DPMS 3-Gun High Female (August).

Cheek Takes Aim

Cheek has won the 2006 SMM-3-Gun High Female (March), 2006 USPSA 3-Gun High Female (July) and the DPMS 3-Gun High Female (August).

MGM Ironman High Lady Shooter

Congratulations go to Roxanna Durham for winning the honor of High Lady Shooter during the recent MGM Ironman 3-Gun event.
This pictures shows how her Federal American Eagle powered her Bushmaster V-Match 223 Carbine with a Trijicon ACOG (TA11) to help her win the match.

Vicki wins again.

2005 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun Match was held March 11-13 in Mesa, AZ. Vicki Carlton, one of Trijicon's Competition Rewards Members, won High Lady in Tactical Class using our TA11. This picture is of her at Stage 3- A close range rifle, shotgun, pistol stage. The shooter engaged 10 targets within 20 yards with their rifle; grabbed their shotgun, shot open the doors in the background and several other breakable/knockdown targets; once through the doors, the shooter drew their pistol to fire on swinging targets.

Vicki at Rocky Mountain 3-Gun

Vicki Carlton, women's high tactical winner, shooting the Rocky Mountain 3Gun in Raton with the TA11 ACOG. The course of fire was called Hamburger Hill. There were five targets ranging from 315 yards to about 150 yards that were engaged from five shooting positions as the shooter moved down the mountain side.

MGM Iron Man Tactical 1st Place Tactical Scope Winner

David Neth used a Trijicon TA11 to help secure first place in the Tactical Scope division for MGM Iron Man 3-Guns Competition.

2008 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun

November 20, 2008 - Vicki Carlton engages long range targets at the 2008 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun while the star and crew from Shooting Gallery capture the run. Set in the rugged Rocky Mountains, the RM3G is renown for challenging the competitors with arduous stages featuring long range rifle shooting. During this course of fire Vicki hit metal impact targets from 175 to 600 yards while traversing 50+ yards of mountain terrain stopping at shooting positions most fashioned from natural features. All this at 7000+ feet above sea level. Vicki's TA01 matched with a JP rifle launching Nosler 77 grain bullets served her well.


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