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Getting Ready by Larry Weishuhn

Getting Ready

By Larry Weishuhn



Ruger rifle and Trijicon scopes cleaned, two new Trijicon Huron scopes ordered and sufficient Hornady hunting ammo procured and ready for use.  Spring hunts postponed, but not cancelled.  After completing those tasks, I made certain I was signed on with CarbonTV.com and YouTube where with the former I can view our past three years of “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” episodes and other shows of interest. 

Days before I confirmed we had sufficient flour, cooking oil, coffee and a few other essentials for a month or longer of “confinement”. My wife and I are “hunkered down” to wait out the passing of the corona virus. 

I know as long as we have electricity my two freezers are stocked with sufficient venison, beef, pork and fish.  If we lost “power” the fish can be smoked, and, the venison and beef turned into jerky.  I seriously doubted the latter will be necessary, but it is always good to have a plan in place.

Now there is time to kick back and relax, and, beyond watching hunting shows, do some reading, recalling past hunts and writing, as well as planning late summer and fall hunts.

When in January I helped introduce Trijicon’s new Huron scope designed for deer hunters I knew I wanted at least two 3-12x40 Hurons with Hunter Hold reticles for two new Ruger rifles, a M77 Compact .308 Win and a M77 Hunter in .300 Win Mag.  I intend to use the M77 Compact this fall hunting close cover whitetails and rattling.  The M77 Hunter is one I plan to use hunting where long shot out to 500 yards or beyond could become a necessity. The beauty of the Huron scopes is with the variable magnification of 3 to 12x is I can crank them down when hunting in the brush or where the action could be close and quick, or to full 12x for long shots.  With Trijicon’s Hunter Hold reticle I can sight-in at 100 yards and then use the appropriate hold-over “lines” out to 500 yards. 

As this is being written I am awaiting the arrival of the Huron scopes.  Once they arrive I will mount them on the two new Ruger rifles.  Once installed I will drive to the range on my property.  That I can do without coming into contact with anyone, making certain of “social distancing”.


Awaiting my next hunt, I reflected upon a couple of prior off-season hunts.  I have to admit they were quite challenging and great fun.  Those two were pursuing introduced Iranian red and Transcaspian urial sheep. 


These two exotic species can be found on select properties in Texas.  Yes, these places are surrounded by high fences, but frankly only humans see the fences as barriers.  Wild animals see them merely as easily surmountable obstacles.  One of my favorites of these sort of properties is the FTW Ranch (www.ftwsaam.com) where is taught Sportsman All-Weather, All-Terrain Marksmanship (S.A.A.M.), in my estimation the finest and best shooting “school” for hunters in the world. 

The FTW Ranch is owned by Tim Fallon and his family.  Tim, a dear hunting partner and friend, and I have hunted together in several northern Africa countries; Asia’s Kyrgyzstan; Europe’s Scotland, Austria, Sweden and Norway; and here in North America in Alaska to Texas numerous times.  One of the great things about the FTW Ranch is their rocky and rugged terrain is perfect habitat for a variety of sheep, goat and deer species which can no longer be hunted in their native land, including two species I dearly wanted to hunt and take, Armenian or Iranian red sheep and Transcaspian Urial.

My hunt for these two species actually started three years ago.  They were far from easy or quick.  I had invested over 30 days of hunting before I finally took two extremely fine, mature representatives of the species.  My red sheep was taken with a Ruger M77 FTW Hunter in .300 Win Mag, topped with a Trijicon AccuPoint scope and shooting Hornady’s 200-grain Precision Hunter ammo.  The Transcaspian Urial was taken with my Ruger M77 Guide Rifle in .375 Ruger topped with a Trijicon AccuPoint, shooting Hornady’s Outfitter with 250-grain GMX bullet.  Both essentially dropped in their tracks at just shy of 200 yards.

Transcaspian Urial taken with my Ruger M77 Guide Rifle  topped with a Trijicon AccuPoint

Red sheep taken with a Ruger M77 FTW Hunter topped with a Trijicon AccuPoint

As soon as I get and then mount the Huron scopes on my two new Ruger rifles and sighted-in, and this current Covid-19 “thing” has passed, I will be heading to the FTW for another hunt. This time I will be hunting for a handsome Nubian ibex.  I suspect this hunt will occur in July or early August.

Until then it is time to stay home, relax, write, read, dream and get ready for the next hunt!

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