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The Science of Brilliant.®

1.5 x 16S

1.5 x 24

2 x 20

3 x 24

3 x 30

3.5 x 35

3.5 x 35 LED

4 x 32

4 x 32 BAC

4 x 32 LED

5.5 x 50

6 x 48

ACOG / RMR Combo

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TA110-C-100491: Trijicon ACOG® 3.5x35 Red LED Illuminated Scope, .223 Chevron Reticle w/ TA51 Mount

Available Accessories:
AC12033: Trijicon Quick Release Mount for ACOG®, Reflex and VCOG®
RM54: RMR Mount for 3x24 and 3x30 Compact ACOG® with bosses, 3.5x35 LED ACOG, and ACOG models equipped with backup iron sights.
TA03: ACOG Adapter for H&K Rifles
TA12: A.R.M.S. Throw Lever Adapter
for Picatinny Rails
TA12W: A.R.M.S. Throw Lever Adapter
for Weaver Rails
TA22: A.R.M.S® #19 LD ACOG Throw Lever adapter for Picatinny Rails
TA30: ACOG Extra Screw & Washer Set
TA51: Trijicon Thumbscrew Picatinny Mount
TA51W: Trijicon Thumbscrew Weaver Mount
TA53: ACOG Thumb Screw
TA53A: ACOG Thumb Screw (RCO)
TA56: LensPen® Optical Component Cleaner and Brush
TA63: Scopecoat fitted for 3.5x ACOG Scope Models
TA66: Tenebraex® killFLASH® Anti-Reflection Device for 3.5x35 ACOG Scope
TA71: ACOG Internal Adjuster Caps
& Lanyard Assembly
TA71E: ACOG External Adjuster Caps
& Lanyard Assembly
TA77: Extended Eye Relief Picatinny Rail Adapter w/ Colt Style Thumbscrews for 4x32 ACOG Scopes

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