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ACTS30: Advanced Combat Thermal Sight

The Trijicon ACTS is one rugged longwave thermal imaging sensor that ably serves two missions. Clip it onto small arms or the Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG®) for use as a thermal weapon sight. Alternately, use the small and lightweight ACTS as hand-held imager for surveillance and scouting. The performance is exceptional, and the operation is simple.  ACTS delivers crisp white-hot and black-hot imagery through total darkness, smoke, fog and other obscurants.  Single buttons adjust basic images, and the sight is powered for up to nine hours with three CR123 lithium batteries in an easily replaceable cartridge.  When mounted in tandem with the ACOG, the ACTS delivers high-definition, uncooled thermal sighting with up to 4X magnification, while preserving reticle calibration, boresight and field of view.

Available to Military & Law Enforcement Agencies ONLY