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Aiming for Excellence

New Trijicon Award Introduced at NRA Whittington Center's Adventure Camp

Trijicon sponsored a new Hunt Skills competition at the NRA Whittington Center's 2009 Adventure Camp, awarding specially engraved Trijicon AccuPoint® riflescopes to those campers who achieved the highest scores.

In addition to hunter safety instruction and tracking, participants were scored on a back country walk-through hunt. Here, the campers were faced with shooting targets of a wide range of animals, but only after making sure that they were in season, and were game for which they were holding a license.

In addition to introducing the new award, Trijicon increased its annual support to become a new Silver Sponsor of the Adventure Camp. Covering firearm fundamentals as well as wilderness map reading, animal tracking, wildlife management and more, the non-profit camp features two 13-day summer sessions for kids ages 13 to 17.

Our congratulations go to Jacob Sanchez of Rancho Cucamonga, California and Darren Curry of Los Cruces (not shown), New Mexico. They won the new Trijicon Aiming For Excellence Hunt Skills Award during the first and second camp sessions, respectively.

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