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Who is the World's Greatest Competitive Shooter?

Trijicon and the National Rifle Association have joined forces to create a championship that will be the ultimate test of competitive shooting ability. Trijicon's World Shooting Championship will assemble competitors from around the world; to include existing and previous champion shooters from virtually every organized shooting sport worldwide, and crown one competitor, "The Trijicon Undisputed World Shooting Champion", a distinction that is unmatched in history.

First place will receive $50,000 cash!

  • All guns & ammo for competitors provided.
  • Features pistol, rifle, shotgun and combined arm segments.
  • Four days of shooting in twelve equally weighted official shooting disciplines.
  • Over $100K in match cash, over $200K in prize table awards.
  • September 10 – September 13, 2014.

Match Information:

Visit www.peacemakernational.com/WSC for all information including locations, dates, rules and stages.


Invited shooter registration ends March 30th! IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN INVITATION, SUBMIT YOUR QUALIFICATIONS TO info@peacemakernational.com immediately!

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Click here for more information and to register.

See Who You'll Stack Up Against!

Find out who some of the invited shooters who will be competing are and read a little about them. FIND OUT MORE >

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