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Trijicon Sets the Bar with the New ACOG® Crossbow Scope

January 10, 2012 -

Best known for supplying the U.S. military with the finest battle optics in the world, Trijicon is reconfirming its commitment to American sportsmen with its ACOG® Crossbow Scope.  As more state game agencies recognize crossbows as legal arms for archery seasons, crossbow hunters now have a top-quality Trijicon optic for the ultimate in accuracy and precision shot placement.

The 3-power, 24 mm objective ACOG Crossbow Scope is modeled after the legendary ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) and includes features such as fully multi-coated optics, precise adjustments, tritium-and-fiber-optic illuminated reticle, and unmatched, battle-proven durability. In addition, the Crossbow Scope contains a specially designed range-finding reticle calibrated for crossbow ballistics.  Users choose one of three reticle models depending on their crossbow's velocity (see chart below).

The ACOG Crossbow Reticle utilizes the proprietary Bad River Outdoors® Ranging System.  This unique and patented ranging system can help you find the distance to your quarry simply by placing the main crosshair on the rib cage/belly of an elk or deer.  The distance will be quickly determined by viewing the location of the spine/back.  The greatest advantage to this system is by holding the main crosshair in position on the rib cage/belly as your targeted animal moves, the hunter has the ability to observe the change of distance as the animal either approaches or descends away from your location. Then you simply use the corresponding aiming point to be consistently accurate. 

Additionally, shooters can also determine ranges by using the wide stadia lines, which equal 18 inches (the average distance between a deer's ears or the average width of an elk's chest), at the corresponding range. Narrow stadia lines correspond to 2 inches (the diameter of the white circle around a whitetail's eye) at the corresponding range.

The unit is mounted via a single Weaver-style base. A generous exit pupil of 8 mm and a wide field of view of 25.6 feet at 100 yards allow hunters to get on target quickly. It's forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, weighs a scant 5.89 ounces and is waterproof to 100 meters. If that's not enough, the ACOG Crossbow Optic is backed by Trijicon's superior warranty, so hunters can concentrate only on making the shot.

Model Bow Speed
TA50G-XB1 300-340 fps
TA50G-XB2 340-400 fps
TA50G-XB3 400-440+ fps
Once the proper model is chosen and zeroed so the glowing chevron is point-of-impact at 30 yards, shooters simply hold on the corresponding crosshair for pinpoint accuracy out to 80 yards in 5-yard increments.
Note: If your bow speed borderlines between two models, choose the ACOG Crossbow Scope model with the lower speed.

For more information, please click here to go to the Trijicon ACOG Crossbow Scope.

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