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Robert Bridges Anchorage, Alaska
August 16, 2014 - Chose the RMR dual illuminated reflex sight for my Merkel 470 Nitro Express double rifle. Rugged and light weight, this sight does not affect regulation. Traditional iron sights can be problematic from lighting conditions, age of user and absolute need for split second target acquisition at the most stressful time. I choose the RMR and ditched the Leupold Deltapoint expressly because of rock solid aiming and construction. The Leupold red dot wandered when viewed off axis... while the RMR remained glued to the target. RMR makes the double rifle a real killing instrument I can bet my life on.

Richard Schuck Tallahassee, Florida
July 9, 2012 - I have been using you products for years in many different location and situations. I used rifle mounted scopes, mostly the accue point. Recently I decided to try an rmr for my Glock it increased my speed and accuracy, more than I thought it would. But the thing that I didn't think about was limited visibility situations. While conducting some training a week ago I ran a drill to demonstrate what was expected (night tm maneuver dismounted drills). At the end was a barricade that required the roll-over prone. My primary ran dry and for some reason I decided to transion to my pistol to see how well the site would work..I fired 15 rounds at 4 targets 10 to 15 meters two were elevate and hit 14 out of 15 of the shots. I was wearing PVS-15s and the dot was clear and crisp. I now recommend to any body who may work in these conditions to look into this, I was extremely impressed with the site, rmr 3.25 MOA. Thanks Rick

Mike Lucas Denville, New Jersey
I just wanted to let you know that we ahve recently put into use the RMR Red Dot Led (RM01). I have to say, that we are extremely happy with the product and would recommend it to any agency who is looking for another option. The sight is truly well made and was almost "Dead on" out of the box, which by the way took only a couple shots to get dialed in. The weapons are now purely surgical. Confidence with our M4's among the troop is off the scale. Thanks again for your help.

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